Here are this week’s game previews!
Knoxville Lightning v Columbus Vanguards
Los Angeles Warriors v Sin City Trojans
Colorado Freeze v Las Cruces de la Muerte
Derby City Dynamite v Cincinnati Sizzle
Pittsburgh Passion v DC Divas is available from writer Larry Snyder here.


Knoxville Lightning D3 (1-4) @ Columbus Vanguards D3 (1-5)
May 26, 2018 – 6:00pm – Midway High School – 530 Loudon Hwy, Kingston, TN 37763
By:  AnneMarie Snyder

We are looking forward to this match up against the Columbus Vanguards.  With the Vanguards being a new team, we look forward to showing them respect, good sportsmanship and camaraderie.  The Knoxville Lightning has been working hard through bumps and bruises, but our heart for the game remains strong!

Denise Marlett, Veteran Line Backer of 4 years is looking forward to being on her own home field after back-to-back games on the road.  She stated, “Even though we have deal with a long of injuries, I feel like, as a team and individually we have improved in all areas by continuing to learn how to better ourselves and execute our plays.”  She continued by saying, “We are coming together more as a unit and less as individual positions.”  She looks forward to a good game, and the team bring their best; leaving it on the field at the end of the 4th quarter.  “I enjoy every opportunity that I have to take the field, not only with my team, but with the women of other teams that enjoy this sport as well. We hope to give our fans and family an enjoyable game and a memorable time on a Saturday evening.”

Rookie Wide Receiver, Jessica Ball said she is looking forward to the game against the Columbus Vanguards this Saturday. She stated, “Every team we play is beatable, we’ve been given the tools to do our assignments properly.”  She continued by saying that, “All it takes is effort on our part to demonstrate what we’ve been working on all season.”  She added, “One thing I love about our team is that we don’t give up-no matter the score board!  We’ll put up a hell of a fight until the game clock says we’re done.”

If you cannot see us live, or want more information about our team, please visit our website and follow the action via our social media pages:

Facebook:  Knoxville Lightning
Twitter:      @knoxlightning14


Dynamite v Sizzle
Game date: May 26, 2018 @ Walnut Hills High School, 3250 Victory Parkway, Cincinnati, OH 45207
Kickoff: 7 p.m.

By T.Banks

This weekend’s Women’s Football Alliance match-up between the Derby City Dynamite hosted by the Cincinnati Sizzle has been deemed the River City Rivalry.
Each city is not only linked by Interstate 71, they have a long history of not only College Basketball and Football but also Women’s Professional Football starting back in 2004.

While each game between these two division 3 teams is its own battle, is a war that continues to rage on throughout each season requiring immense focus and undying determination by both teams. Last season the Dynamite and Sizzle played two regular season games and each came out with a win. Veteran running back Tamar Fennell #5 from the Sizzle states “We all play to win, when each team steps on the field they expect to win.” The Sizzle motto is Bust’em in the mouth! Derby City’s Rookie Quarterback #5 Ariele Marrero says ” I want my Defense to come out Hitting early, and my offense to hit the right holes, follow their blocks, run crisp routes and demolish our opponents”.

This will be the 1st and only meeting between these two evenly yoked teams in 2018. DCD (4-1) defeated the Flint City Riveters 56 to 0 last weekend and is on a 4 game winning
streak. The Sizzle (4-2) is coming off a BYE after defeating the Huntsville Tigers 66 to 0. Both teams currently are projected to hold the 3rd seed in their perspective conference
for playoffs, a win or loss could hold HUGE playoff implications.

DCD’s Head Coach Thomas Jackson states, “This will be one of the most explosive match-ups with years of history weighing on this one match up, I’m confident that my team is Ready!, We’re about to #EARNIT”

This is a game that you will not want to miss.



Los Angeles Warriors (6-0) vs Sin City Trojans (4-2)
El Rancho High School, 6 p.m., Saturday, May 26th

by Warriors Staff

The way this season started for the Warriors was unprecedented. The first week was a scheduled BYE. Then the second week, the team forfeited. And to top it off, the team that was supposed to play in Week 3 decided to fold their team and forfeit their entire season before playing the Warriors. Although the first three weeks did not include any football, the Warriors wish came true, and they have prevailed with winning four weeks in a row – two away; two home – and will have to continue to defend their Pico Rivera home field one more time with the original forfeit game this Saturday against the Sin City Trojans.

For the Trojans, this game is to prove to the WFA that they are a viable team for the Championship ring. With Dejur Mcdaughtery leading the team with rushing and tackles, the Warriors expect her to be involved in every play on the field. Also, the Trojans bring a different approach where they release an aerial attack, something the Warriors have not experienced much of this season. Jessica Ruiz and the rest of the receiving core hope to be successful against a Warriors defense that has not allowed more than 8 points in any game.

The Warriors’ defense hit a season high last week with 6 turnovers. This included four interceptions and two fumble recoveries. And they also succeeded at their ultimate goal of not allowing points to their opponent. They had allowed a score in every game up to this past weekend. In a way, the one score was haunting the Warriors and was talked about at every practice each week.

“The game last week was good. We are really meshing as a team,” Jasmine Edwards, Warriors safety, stated. She was one of the breakout stars from this past weekend, racking up two interceptions and almost scoring her first touchdown. “I feel like teams are starting to really see all the work we put in.” Edwards adds that the Trojans need to be prepared to play four quarters of football.

The weather in Southern California, although cloudy and wet this week, have not dampened the Warriors game week spirit. There have been extra film sessions and talks about the Trojans unique offense. The Warriors believe that they have found their winning formula: score early, dominate on defense, and most importantly, have fun. They hope to keep their home field dominance this weekend and be able to go into their unscheduled BYE week undefeated.

If you cannot see us live or want more information about our team, then please visit our website to follow the action via our social media pages:

Snapchat: la_warriors


Redemption Week for Colorado Freeze

Written by Dominique Watts

The Colorado Freeze have an opportunity for redemption as they host a rematch against Las Cruces, the team that barely beat them in the first showdown of the season.

“I’m very confident in our team heading into this matchup,” says Head Coach Marcell Simpson. “Reason being is we played them in Las Cruces week one and we let that game get away. I don’t feel like they beat us as much as I feel like we beat ourselves. What we’re going to do on Saturday is beat the breaks off them and send them off for a very long drive home.”

Freeze Nation has enjoyed success since opening weekend that has put the rest of the conference on notice that they are not a team to be taken lightly.

Last week against Colorado Springs, the Freeze offensive line  showed that size was no match for heart and a game plan that powered the ground attack to a decisive win.

“The o-line is going to come out and be a driving force,” said offensive guard Erin McAllister. “Since our last game against Las Cruces, the line has built a lot of cohesion and chemistry along with working out some of the mistakes of the early games of the season.”

Though the roster is the same, with weeks of growing together as a unit, the Freeze will take the field on Saturday to prove they are a different team than they were in week one.