After an exhilarating 8 weeks of intense competition, the Women’s Football Alliance (WFA) is thrilled to announce that the playoff seeds for the 2023 season have been determined. Eight remarkable teams in each division have emerged victorious and will now vie for the coveted 2023 National Championship. The pinnacle of women’s football in America will be held at the prestigious Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton, Ohio on July 21 and 22 and Broadcasted on ESPN2 and the Women’s Sports Network.

The Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton, Ohio, home to some of the greatest moments in football history, will provide an iconic backdrop for the climax of the WFA season. This storied venue, steeped in tradition, will witness the crowning of the 2023 National Champions and serve as a testament to the growth and prominence of women’s football.

The WFA is dedicated to promoting and advancing women’s tackle football in the United States, providing the largest platform for female athletes to showcase their talents. The culmination of the regular season has set the stage for an electrifying playoff tournament that promises to captivate fans and highlight the exceptional skill and passion of these remarkable athletes.

The playoff seeds for the 2023 WFA season are here