DB Amélie Janson
Nickname: Amish, Amé
Contact for Media Inquiry

Years Playing: 5Team Canada - Amélie Janson, Montreal Blitz
Height: 165 cm; Weight: 140 pounds
Age: 26
Date Born: February 21991
Location Born: Repentigny
College: Graduated from Université du Québec à Montréal in 2014
High School: École secondaire Jean-Baptiste-Meilleur
Full-Time Profession: 4th grade elementary school teacher (4 years)
Hobbies: Practicing football, camping/outdooring, spending time with friends, planning and leading activities for children.
Passions: Education, sports, nature, travel.
Other Sports played: 10 years of soccer, flag football, touch football, semi-contact football, deck hockey (just for fun).
How you got into football: I went from flag football in high school to semi contact football. During my semi-contact seasons, I travelled in the US and met several other womens who played “full” contact football. I felt it was definitely worth a try, so five years ago, I joined the Montreal Blitz football team.
Pets: I have a small black dog that I love so much. He’s named Frisbee!Team Canada - Amélie Janson, Montreal Blitz
Family: Family is definitely one of my most important values. I am very close to my parents (Martine Thouin & Stéphane Janson) and to my two sisters (Andrée-Anne Janson & Julie Janson). For the past year, I’ve been sharing my life with a wonderful guy named Simon Chalifoux — 2017 is a very exciting year for us since we just bought our new house in our home town: L’Assomption in the Province of Quebec.

In Her Own Words:
People who know me would describe me as a passionate, positive and athletic girl. As an elementary school teacher, I really love designing, planning and leading all sorts of projects for children. I thrive in life, always moving forward with a mind full of new ideas, ready to tackle any challenges. It’s this attitude and positivity that ultimately led me to be a part of Team Canada for the next Women’s World Championship this summer.

For as long as I can remember, sports always been a very big part of my life. I played soccer for about 10 years with the Olympiques de Lanaudière-Centre (AA category). I then gradually left soccer for a new and very exciting sport: football.

Team Canada - Amélie Janson, Montreal BlitzI discovered football during high school where I was part of the flag football team. Since then, my love of this sport just kept growing. This new passion eventually led to me to join a semi-contact team called Les Rebelles. During that time, I had the chance to travel to the US to play in a few tournaments. I also met a few other women that were playing in a “full” contact Football team. Obviously, that ultimate version of my favorite sport was very appealing to me. That’s how I finally joined what became truly a second family to me, the Montreal Blitz football team.

Football constantly pushes me to get better and to surpass myself. The Team Canada - Amélie Janson, Montreal Blitzstrategies and the teamwork within the defensive unit requires that I always give the very best of myself. It is only as a united team that we will be able to protect the field.  (Teammates don’t always have to like each other; they have to love each other always. Nothing is more powerful than being a teammate. Great teammates lead to great teams.)

During the last 5 seasons, I contributed, in my way, to the success of the Montreal Blitz. I was even asked to join the all-star team of the IWFA last year. In 2013, I was part of the roster that allowed the Blitz to win the Texas championship. During the summer of 2016. I was part of the team that represented Quebec in the Football Women’s Canadian Championship in Saskatchewan. My performance during that same championship allowed me to be drafted by the Canadian team organization. During that competition, I had the opportunity to face athletic women with amazing skills and great potential. I really hope that this major championship in June will allow the world to discover and appreciate all this talent!

Team Canada - Amélie Janson, Montreal Blitz  Team Canada - Amélie Janson, Montreal Blitz Team Canada - Amélie Janson, Montreal Blitz Team Canada - Amélie Janson, Montreal Blitz