LB Angellica Grayson
Nickname: Gellie (Pronounced Jelly J )
Contact for Media Inquiry
Team USA - Angellica Grayson, Dallas EliteYears Playing: 10
Height: 5’6, Weight: 157
Age: 34
Birthdate: April 25, 1983
Birthplace: Edmond, OK
College: Grambling State University
High School: North Crowley High School
Favorite Sports Teams: Dallas Cowboys; Grambling State University Football Team and marching band
Full-time Occupation: PE Teacher/Coach (7 years)
Hobbies: Flag Football; voice overs; teaching myself how to play songs on keyboard
Passions: Helping women’s football grow; One day working in the NFL under Player Engagement
College Sports:  SWAC/NAIA D1 Volleyball / basketball
Other Sports played: Wrestling, softball, soccer, track
How you got into football: I starting playing football when I began to play contact flag football.  I got into flag football because I thought that was the closest way I was going to get to tackle football.

Two Truths & A LIETeam USA - Angellica Grayson, Dallas Elite

1) I have a big bubble butt
2) I have a pet turtle that I take for walks
3) I shard when I get nervous

In Her Own Words:
In high school I played a variety of sports.  I participated in most of the traditional sports like volleyball, basketball, track, soccer, and softball.  My senior year, I was voted “Setter of the Year” for volleyball. In basketball, I currently hold the records for fifteen steals in one game and the “Most Assist,” and “averaging the highest assist per game” than anyone else after a little over a decade after graduating from high school.

Those records are STILL standing today!

I also was a hurdler in high school through my sophomore year.  I received a scholarship to play volleyball at Bacone College where I was part of the first inaugural volleyball team that still competes to this day.  I was also on the basketball team until I suffered an injury.  I later transferred to Grambling State University, where I became a member of the illustrious Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated and earned a scholarship while being voted by my peers as “Captain” of the volleyball team.

Team USA - Angellica Grayson, Dallas EliteIn my ten years of playing football, I have been lucky to have been selected twice for the All-Star team.  I have ALWAYS wanted to play football.  Like some girls, I used to play football with the boys on the playground at school or in the neighborhood.  By the time I reached middle school, I wanted to play tackle football but was convinced to play volleyball instead.  My mother was fine with me playing because she was supportive with whatever sport I was interested in at the time.  As long as my grades were awesome she was fine with it.  My mom even allowed me to wrestle when I was in the 7th grade.  My first and only year wrestling I came 2nd in the state of Texas and lost by one point in the championship round.  Nevertheless, I enjoyed the experience.

During this time, there was a girl at my school who was a 7th grade cheerleader and football player.  While I was putting on volleyball tights she was putting on football pads.  I remember thinking to myself then, “Man, I wonder what it is like to play?”  Now, I can answer that question with an authentic smile on my face with lots of enthusiasm. The young lady that played football and was a cheerleader mom is a sponsor for me for Team USA!!! I have played with several teams in my ten years.  My first team I received my foundation and fundamentals with was then the Atlanta Xplosion.  I played with them for two years and then Team USA - Angellica Grayson, Dallas Elitereturned to Texas, my home, to become a certified teacher/coach.  I then played for the Dallas Diamonds for five years until they dissolved.  I decided to commute to Houston and be a part of the Houston Energy for one year.  The Dallas Elite was created and I love what they stand for and its great positivity.  Elite empowers women and girls from all walks of life and reaches people through football.  This is my third season and I am very proud to have experienced being a part of such a prestigious organization that cares for everyone that comes in contact with them.

I enjoy the sport of football; to play the sport and be viewed as a female playing is exciting, and I have taken the good with the bad.  As a coach, I am able to practice with my middle school boys and they love it when I come out.  They view me as an athlete, rather than a female coach.  However, at first I was viewed that way until I started hitting!!! The rapport I have built with these young athletes is amazing. I love the Team USA - Angellica Grayson, Dallas Elitecamaraderie of football.  For me, it is the only sport that has a different energy and a different type of ‘Dig Deep’ you have to find within yourself.  You have a job to complete and I love the out thinking my opponent.  That is why I celebrate when I get an awesome tackle because in my mind, offense already knows what they are doing before the snap of the ball.  Defense is already a second behind because we react.  Therefore, when I get you, why not celebrate; because I already started a second behind. Football is challenging and I love it. For my position I am considered a small outside linebacker, so I get stereotyped all the time.  Linebacker is the only position I have played these past 10 years at the height of 5’1 and about 160 pounds.  I used to enjoy proving people that they were wrong about me, playing such an awesome position, but I have grown to love to prove to myself that I am right about my ability.  So, being underestimated is not a problem. When I first was told that football is 90% mental and 10% physical it caused me to stop and reflect.  That statement is very true on so many levels.

My hope for women’s football sounds simple yet complex, but takes the strength and integrity of men and women toTeam USA - Angellica Grayson, Dallas Elite come together and make a league of our own.  Hopefully one day, we too can get compensated and have drafts and even scholarships to play in college on a women’s team.  I am in high hopes that there will be a professional league for women and it be advertised equally to the men’s league that gives little girls a chance to and dream and play.  In the near future, I want to work in the NFL, working with Player Engagement, assisting current and former players; having women with actual football experience working in the NFL is a plus.  It doesn’t hurt to chase your dream right? Well, I will catch mine!!!  I love quotes and I leave you as the reader with this, “Without struggle there is no progress,” Frederick Douglas.  Women’s football has struggled and I have struggled; so when success comes I know I have made progress!

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Team USA - Angellica Grayson, Dallas Elite
Team USA - Angellica Grayson, Dallas Elite Team USA - Angellica Grayson, Dallas Elite