DB Angie Wells
Ht: 5’3″, Wt: 136
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Team USA - Angie Wells, Philadelphia PhantomzYears Playing:  4
High School: Simon Gratz
College:  Long Beach City College (Physiology major)
College Sports: Basketball and Track and Field (I broke the school record in the long jump three times in two weeks at college.)
My favorite sports team: Dallas Cowboys.
Full-time profession: Teacher/counselor at Glen Mills School for Boys. It’s a detention center for troubled youth. I also work in the mental health field dealing with adults with mental illness. I’ve been doing this for the past six yrs.
Passions: I love helping people and consider myself as a problem solver. It is in me to help those in need.
Hobbies: I enjoy playing video games on my down time.  Over the yrs I’ve played baseball and volleyball.
How did you get into football:  I started playing football when i moved back from California. I played flag i enjoyed it but felt like i needed more contact. When i heard about tackle, I jumped right on it.Team USA - Angie Wells, Philadelphia Phantomz

In Her Own Words:
My hopes for women football is to one day my unborn child will be able to get paid to play. If not on a national level at least local.  I am coming to my last season four is enough for my body it was a pleasure to be on the USA Team — now I feel complete and happy with walking away.

I’ve been with the love of my life for 10 yrs now — she’s originally from California. We both have lived in for six years and are planning on moving back to California soon.

I received MVP at the 2015 All Star game and that’s one of the best accomplishments thus far for me. Reason being is that no one knew me so getting that kind of recognition was nearly impossible. But when the team needed someone to return the ball, I popped right up to do the job. The end result was two touchdowns on special teams and a 70 yd touchdown catch. That gave me 250 all purpose yards.

After that . . . people knew who I was. Because I’m 136 lbs soaking wet (as they say) I really had to prove myself — it’s something that I’ve been doing all my life so I didn’t mine doing it again.

Team USA - Angie Wells, Philadelphia Phantomz Team USA - Angie Wells, Philadelphia Phantomz Team USA - Angie Wells, Philadelphia Phantomz