By Backseat Coach

We are halfway through the regular season and most teams have four games on record, though some have only 3. Which is to say we are starting to see the cream rise to the top. In Division 1, Pittsburgh and Los Angeles lead their respective conferences after defeating their top competitors.

In Division 2, the Mile High Blaze and Minnesota Vixen have tight grips on their regions in the West, while the Inferno and the Sharks sit atop their regions in the East. It would take monumental gaffes by these teams or epic performances by their adversaries to open the door to being overtaken.

In Division 3, the Richmond Black Widows and the Toledo Reign appear to be playing a notch above the rest of the Northeast Region, though there is still room for change. It is very clear that the Alabama Fire and Orlando Anarchy are the strongest teams in the Southeast, but there is a lot of football to play as many teams in that region have only played three games so far. The Arkansas Wildcats, defending Division 3 Champions, are in firm control the Midwest Region where the Austin Outlaws will probably coast to a second place finish.

The highest ranked team in the Pacific Region, the Sin City Trojans, is ineligible for the playoffs, leaving the Rocky Mountain Thunderkatz as the regional leader. The Utah Blitz, the Colorado Freeze, and La Muerte de Las Cruces are bunched closely behind. And each team has two of these opponents on its remaining schedule. There is much yet to be determined in this region, which brings me to this week’s featured matchups.

Utah Blitz (D3) @ La Muerte Las Cruces (D3)
Last season, La Muerte notched its first franchise victory by upsetting the Blitz. Utah aims to exact revenge in the return game, with the added benefits of solidifying its position in the standings and possibly knocking Las Cruces out of the playoff picture.

Rocky Mountain Thunderkatz (D3) @ Colorado Freeze (D3)
The Freeze needs to take this game at home to start their late season run for the playoffs. Colorado will face the Thunderkatz again in June. A season sweep of the Katz will all but assure the Freeze a playoff spot.

Here are my picks for this week:

Boston Renegades (D1) @ New York Sharks (D2)
Philly Phantomz (D2) @ Baltimore Nighthawks (D2)
DC Divas (D1) @ Richmond Black Widows (D3)
New England Nightmare (D3) @ Keystone Assault (D3)
Connecticut Hawks (D3) @ NY Knockout (D3)
Pittsburgh Passion (D1) @ Columbus Comets (D2)
Toledo Reign (D3) @ Columbus Vanguards (D3)
Detroit Dark Angels (D2) @ Flint City Riveters (D3)
Derby City Dynamite (D3) @ Music City Mizfits (D3)
Huntsville Tigers (D3) @ Cincinnati Sizzle (D3)
Knoxville Lightning (D3) @ Carolina Phoenix (D3)
Alabama Fire (D3) @ Atlanta Phoenix (D1)
Tampa Bay Inferno (D2) @ Miami Fury (D2)
Jacksonville Dixie Blues (D2) @ Daytona Waverunners (D3)
Acadiana Zydeco (D3) @ Mississippi Royalty (D3)
Arlington Impact (D1) @ Houston Power (D3)
Tacoma Trauma (D2) @ Everett Reign (D2)
Utah Blitz (D3) @ La Muerte Las Cruces (D3)
Rocky Mountain Thunderkatz (D3) @ Colorado Freeze (D3)
Capital City Rage (D2) @ S. Oregon Lady Renegades (D3)
Sin City Trojans (D3) @ San Diego Rebellion (D2)
Ventura Wolf-Pack (D3) @ Inland Empire Ravens (D3)
Kern County Crusaders (D3) @ Los Angeles Warriors (D1)
Grand Rapids Tidal Waves (D3) @ Cleveland Fusion (D2)
Santa Fe Dukes (D3) @ Roswell Destroyers (D3)