TE Brilynn Fields
Nickname: B
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Team USA - Brilynn Fields, New York SharksYears Played: 4
Height:  5’6”, Weight: 190
Age: 29
Birthdate: 8/10/1987
Birthplace: Aurora, Colorado
College: New York Institute of Technology
High School: Eaglecrest High School, Centennial Colorado
Favorite Sports Teams: Denver Broncos
Full-time Profession: Commercial Construction Sales– Advocare Independent Distributor
Hobbies: Sports, Music, Dance Classes, Making my own videos. Time in Nature
Passions: Growing in my faith, and helping others to achieve the goals in life that they’re looking to accomplish.
Sports played in College:  Division 1 & 2 Softball
Other Sports played: Basketball/Track and Field/ Volleyball/ Swimming/ and a few weeks of gymnastics. Decided leotards weren’t for me (:
How you got into football: A friend from a rival college had been begging me to tryout for 2 years. At the time I was coaching 18u softball. The first season that I didn’t have to coach over the summer I told her I’d tryout. It was completely on a whim and it’s been one of the best decisions of my life thus far!!Team USA - Brilynn Fields, New York Sharks
Family: Daughter to Mark and Leeann Fields: Sister to Brittany, Breann, Brooklynn, Mark, Tiffany, and Marquatta (I am 1 of 7 — six girls one boy.

In Her Own Words:
I played softball in College all 4 years!! My senior year at NYIT I was the athlete of the year! Earning many First and Second Team all-Region honors throughout my collegiate sports career. My favorite all time sports memory will always be hitting back to back home runs with my Sister Brooklynn to tie the game against the #1 seed Dowling and eventually go on to win that game 5-2 knocking them out of the Conference tournament.

I have 5 sisters and 1 brother! We are all so much alike, but all very different. I’d like to believe that we get our humor from our dad, but our hearts from our Momma. Not that my mom isn’t funny or my dad isn’t compassionate just feel like when traits were passed down to me! Those are the ones I got!

The last 5 years I’ve found myself on a personal growth journey. Growing in my faith has become one of the best journey’s I’ve committed myself to. I believe that sometimes God allows our mess to become our message, and I’m Team USA - Brilynn Fields, New York Sharkspatiently letting him workout the message he’s trying to share through me. I’ve also lost a great deal of weight! Up to 105lbs and that has helped me tremendously to be the Wide Receiver/ Tight End that I am today. It always shocks me 4 years ago after college sports had ended I put on a ton (not literally) of weight and was having a hard time walking up the stairs without breathing heavy. Now, well now I have the honor and privilege of competing as 1 of 45 women to represent the U.S. National Team…. Let’s just say there are still mornings where I wake up and pinch myself.

Football is the ultimate team sport. Designed for literally every type of person! Football is a place that an athlete can come to and hone in on their individual skills and still make an impact for the whole team. I personally think you have to be a little crazy to play defense, but man do I like watching those crazy women out there accomplish tasks that I’m not that great at. Nothing makes me happier than picking up a first down or scoring a touchdown, but I wouldn’t be able to do those things without a defense who causes turnovers, an O-line who protects the Quarterback, other Wide Receiver who run crisp routs, Running Backs or Full Backs Who fake run then block like nobody’s business, and a Quarterback who throws one of the prettiest spirals this side of the Mississippi. You see in football one can’t person can’t do their job if everyone doesn’t do their job. It’s a selfless sport. When you mess up someone else suffers the girl next to you. You don’t get that in all team sports, and it’s really amazing to see so many different talented people come together and compete doing different tasks for a common goal!Team USA - Brilynn Fields, New York Sharks

The other day I was walking during halftime with my teammate Krystal Molina to the bathroom. We were wearing our shoulder pads and carrying our helmets and walked past some people watching a football game on the opposite field. I’ll never forget the looks that some of the people gave us as we walked by. The look of “what are you doing? Women surely can’t be playing fool contact football over there” The looks will stay in my mind forever because I hope that one day it gets to the point where women can do this as a full-time career. That they attract the number of fans that men do, and that people take us seriously when we say: “I play women’s professional football.”

So, I hope one day we grow to a place where little girls are able to pick football as an option as their first sport to try, and I hope one day when the crowds of people see women in full gear walking by them… They look at us and know exactly what we’re doing, that women CAN play this sport, and maybe just maybe they even ask for an autograph!! I believe that we rise by lifting others, Team USA - Brilynn Fields, New York Sharksand I’m so excited to experience part of that rise this year in Canada with the 45 other women from the U.S.A—many of whom have been around for a while and paved the roads that made it possible for me to be where I’m at today, and create the future that I dream about for tomorrow!

I’d like to continue to develop in all areas of my life. I’d like to publicly speak one day to younger kids, especially those in the LGBT community, or any group of people who might feel alone or in dark places to know that they are loved, and hopefully help them to understand just how loved they actually are. I’d like to be a part of the solution for others to know that they have an outlet in which they don’t’ have to feel alone. I’d like to help those people in the darkness, find even just a sliver of light that might help them on their journey. It is my wishes, hopes, and dreams, to continue becoming the change I wish to see in the world.

Team USA - Brilynn Fields, New York SharksTeam USA - Brilynn Fields, New York Sharks  Team USA - Brilynn Fields, New York Sharks Team USA - Brilynn Fields, New York Sharks