OL Daniela Stosic
Nickname: Ducky
Contact for Media Inquiry
Team Australia - Daniela Stosic, Chicago ForceYears Playing:  8
Height:  6’2, Weight: 264
Age: 23
Date Born: 23 May 1993
Location Born: Canberra, Australia
College: Erindale College
High School: Melrose High School
Favorite Sports Teams: Sydney Roosters, North Melbourne Kangaroos, Philadelphia Eagles
Full-Time Profession: Retail/Receptionist – 5 years.
Hobbies: Baking
Sports played in College: Basketball – local competition
Other Sports played: Netball, Soccer
How you got into football: My brothers junior team needed numbers and my dad consistently asked  me to play.
Pets: 2 dogs (staffy and husky), 2 rabbits (mini and lop), 1 bearded dragon and 1 lovebird
Family: mum, dad, one brother and two sisters

Two Truths & a LIE
— I have a pet duck
—  I own minion pajamas
—  I have only travelled to the United States, outside of Australia

In Her Own Words:Team Australia - Daniela Stosic, Chicago Force

I have been playing sports since I was 4-5 years old, I started with soccer then went to netball. Then proceeded to play basketball for majority of my school life. I then started playing football when I was 15, I didn’t want to play at first by brother’s team needed numbers and my dad kept asking and asking me to play. I said no every single time, until I had had enough and said fine I will play one season. . . I was 15 then. I played basketball and football at the same time and to this day don’t know how I managed both. I then stopped football for a year as I was too old to play juniors and women’s competition hadn’t started in Australia yet. I took netball back up both indoor and outdoor and stopped playing basketball. Then the women’s league started and I was doing both netball and football for a few years until I stopped netball and continued with football. Now I am in the country home to football and am playing my second year in the WFA for the Chicago Force.

I have my mum and dad, my two sisters who both play basketball (I’ll get them into football one day) and my brother who is currently in college playing himself.

I love to bake, whether it is something simple that I have made hundreds of time or something extravagant for a birthday, I always challenge myself to create something I haven’t before.

I hope women’s football continues to grow and be able to be played all over the world. There is no one type for this sport it is an option for every single person which is what is so great about it. I have a 5-foot close friend who I play side-by-side with at home and I am 6’2. We are basically at different ends of the spectrum when it comes to height, but that’s the beauty of football it is not specific to one type.

I hope that when I get home, to get into University and study to get my Bachelor of Midwifery. I also aspire to go home and teach future generations of women about what I have learnt here in the States about football and what I will get to experience when I compete in the World Games for Australia. To pass on knowledge I have learnt is why I love playing, you are always learning something new each time you put the pads and helmet on and step out on to the field.

Team Australia - Daniela Stosic, Chicago Force Team Australia - Daniela Stosic, Chicago Force Team Australia - Daniela Stosic, Chicago Force