OL Dawn Pederson
Nickname: Pedey
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Ht: 5’10” Wt: 185
Age: 42
Birthday: 12/17/1974
Birthplace: Camp Lejeune, NC
College: The Ohio State University
High School: Fallbrook Union High School, Fallbrook CA
Favorite Sports Teams: The Ohio State Buckeyes
Sports played in College: Division I Field Hockey at Ohio State; alternate for the Under 21 US National Team
Other Sports played: Field Hockey, Soccer and Track in HS
Why you got into football: I missed the high-level competition I had in college. Some good friends were part of the Force and suggested I try it.
Family (kids, stepkids, parents, partners, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife , etc.): I have an amazing wife, who is the reason I started playing and have been able to accomplish what I have with football. I have a younger sister and brother, three awesome nephews and one niece.
Pets: 2 cats, Gypsy and Monty

In Her Own Words:

I play on the offensive line and it is my job make sure my QBs, running backs and receivers can do their jobs with as little interference from the defense as possible. Offensive linemen are happy to be seen and not heard. We let the scoreboard and the offensive stats do the talking but I’ll tell you a little about myself.

I was a three-time All American Field Hockey Player at The Ohio State University.  After I was done playing, I played flag football and softball but I missed the competition and comraderie of a Division 1 team. When I had the chance to join the Chicago Force I found the high level of competition and coaching that I had been missing. I love playing football because of the work that it demands and the athletes that it brings together. The shared passion of the women that play is an inspiration.

When I am not playing football I am coaching. I am a coach for the Windy City Field Hockey Club and I am the Offensive Line Coach for Loyola University’s Club Football Team.

This is my third World Championship and I think there is a chance that I will be the oldest player on the team so I would not be surprised if my nickname ends up being Grandma by the end of the tournament.

I hope that Team USA continues to set the bar for Women’s Tackle Football. We are ambassadors for the sport, who play for the love of the game and for the women who will come after us.

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