By LA Warriors Staff

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The Los Angeles Warriors are heading to Atlanta to face the Boston Renegades in the Women’s Football Alliance Division 1 National Championship on Saturday, July 28. This is the first time that the Warriors have played in the National Championship, having punched their ticket with a hard-fought win over the Kansas City Titans on July 14 with a score of 27-14.

The journey to the Championship for the Warriors may have looked easy from the outside. There were several forfeits and other season complications so number of games played does not reflect actual wins. There were running clocks in most of the Warriors’ games allowing for most starters to rest and prepare for the following week. Viewers wondered whether the Warriors’ had the ability to match up to seasoned and experienced teams when it came to playoffs. And even now, having negotiated the playoffs, many pose excuses as to how the L.A. Warriors are qualified to be in the championship.  One excuse, as mentioned above, is the Warriors’ schedule and the overall understanding that the East Coast has more seasoned teams.

Another excuse is the caliber of the players on our roster. Or whether simply one particular player made all the difference from week-to-week.  But the truth is that the philosophy on this team is “the name on the front of your jersey means more than the one on your back.” This has stayed true throughout the entire season.

The Warriors have also created such a foundation with their organization that this was the natural trajectory the team would be in the Finals this year.

Priscilla Gardner (#43, All-American, 2018 American Conference MVP) surpassed 5,000 career rushing yards this post season in the four years that she has been in the league. The Warriors’ head coach, Bobby Patterson, has shaped and molded this team for the past three years, leading them to the playoffs each year. The solid rock and presence of Suzanne Linn (#87, All-American) for the past four years on defense forces opposing teams to shift their offense to control her. Although these specific people come to mind, it is the entire Warriors team, this season, that have collectively driven the Warriors to this successful and historical year.

The Warriors are preparing for an epic battle this Saturday. There is nothing to deny that the Boston Renegades have a storied past.  They have several championships under their belt and even more playoff appearances. Even the most casual fan of women’s tackle football knows the name of Allison Cahill who commands her offense with poise and grace and knows how to make defenses suffer. They have several players on their team, such as Chante Bonds and Allie Genereux, that play where ever they are asked, creating a more complex offensive and defensive system.

For the past two weeks, the Warriors have concentrated on fundamentals and staying focused. Along with just preparing for the game, the Warriors have experienced additional media attention, having given multiple interviews for articles. Although the attention has been overwhelming at times, the Warriors have had several film sessions and additional unit practices to ensure the lights and glamour of the National Championship are not a distraction.

The Warriors, from the first tryout, said they were going to go to a National Championship. They are here. Now it is time to show what the Warriors can do.

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