June 1, 2019

Michael Burmeister

In WFA D1 Midwest Region action, it’s a do-or-die game for both teams here in the Metroplex, as the region-leading Kansas City Titans (0-6, 0-1 D1) and the as-yet-outside-looking-in Dallas Elite (4-2, 0-1 D1) will face off in what is essentially a playoff game; the winner will play on June 15, while the loser’s season may effectively be over on the 8th.

All-time series: Elite lead 4-1
Points: Elite 284, Titans 75
Last meeting: The Titans defeated the Elite 20-6 on May 19, 2018 in Texas, the first-ever win over Dallas and both teams’ only meeting of the season.
Meeting of the year: Only (of the regular season, at least)

Thoughts on the Titans: Wherever the Massey Ratings have been discussed this season, the Titans’ placement atop the Midwest Reigon despite their 0-6 record has come up. Make no mistake about it-despite what their record may say, the Titans ARE NOT AN 0-6 TEAM. With the legendary Liz Sowers leading the charge with her arm and run game and with Krishna K.C. Lee and Jen Dulski holding their own on D to keep every game close, the Titans are still VERY much in the mix to make it all the way to Colorado. To avoid getting knocked off that road, they will need to win their second straight against their regional rivals from the Big D.

Thoughts on the Elite: In spite of all the adversity they’ve been through over the last couple of seasons, the Dallas Elite are still a GREAT team! Living proof that the Metroplex is quite possibly the most abundant area in terms of pure women’s football talent, the Elite are ready to get back on pace in the playoff hunt and make a dark-horse run to win their second national title at Colorado Mines…their minds still on last year’s heartbreaking last-week elimination, the Elite will be going ALL in against their KC rivals, determined to NOT let that disappointment happen again.

The questions are: Will the Titans pick up their first victory of the season at the PERFECT time, silencing any and all naysayers as they establish themselves as the region’s top contenders to get to Golden? Or will the Elite return to their historic winning ways against their Missouri foes and prove that they are still a championship-caliber team just like back in the day?