Today, the Women’s Football Alliance announced a major addition to their existing partnership with Glazier Clinics.  In 2020, Glazier Clinics sponsored the WFA with a major grant for coaches training, allowing full access for all WFA coaches to attend in person and online clinics.  Their partnership has expanded to provide a WFA channel in their vault, uniquely dedicated to women’s football.  

Celebrating its 11th anniversary season in 2021, the WFA continues to provide more tools and sponsorships dedicated to putting the best product on the field. The recent establishment of the Women’s Football Coaches Alliance, designed to increase the communication and education of WFA coaches will go hand-in-hand with the Glazier WFA Channel.  The Glazier Clinics Sponsorship offers WFA coaches access to cutting edge football clinics, tools, videos, and other resources which will continue to elevate the level of play, while the WFA Channel will provide a platform for the most successful women’s coaches to share their expertise with coaches around the league and all of women’s football.

“While the game of football is the same with the women and the men, the women’s game has its own unique challenges for coaches,” stated Lisa King, Commissioner of the WFA.  “Coaches are tasked with bringing a large group of rookie players who have never had a chance to play football as a youth up to speed with veteran high level  players who have been playing the game for over 10-15 years. It’s a balancing act and the coaches who are able to master this, have created legendary organizations with winning traditions.”