Name: Jennifer Strother
Nickname: F@#kin Jen (originally F@#kin Rookie)
Position:  Kicker & Punter
Contact for Media Inquiry
WFA Spotlight: Jennifer Strother, K/P, San Diego RebellionHeight: 5’ 5, Weight: 198
Age: 46
Birthday: 10/29/1971
Birthplace: Seal Beach, Ca
College: Palomar College and Grand Canyon University
Experience: 3 years
High School: San Pasqual High school Escondido, CA
Other Occupation:Drug and Alcohol Counselor Driving Under the Influence Program Supervisor (12 Years)
Favorite Sports Teams: The previous San Diego Chargers
Hobbies: Football
Passions: My son’s happiness and Football
College Sports: Soccer
Other Sports played: Basketball, Softball
How you got into football: A teammate of mine works at my bank and she broke her leg. I asked how and she told me, “Football.” I asked about it and joined her team that year.WFA Spotlight: Jennifer Strother, K/P, San Diego Rebellion
Family: Single Mom to an 11-year-old son
Pets: I was raised on a farm, so I have had every pet known to man, but now I have a cat and dog.

— I am shy and do not like to talk to people.
— I jumped out of an airplane 4 times.
— Part of my left ring finger was bitten off by a dog.

In Her Own Words:
I always played sports such as soccer, basketball and one year of softball, but I loved football. It was not a sport girls could play when I was growing up and this was frustrating because I could throw better than most boys on the playground. I played soccer all through high school and college and even tried out for the Olympic Development team. Unfortunately, I blew out my knee. After that, I joined the ARMY.

WFA Spotlight: Jennifer Strother, K/P, San Diego RebellionThe parents who raised me passed away, but I have a wonderful step mom and dad who are supportive and loving. I have an incredible 11-year-old son who is my mini-me except he does not like most sports, but he is a very good swimmer. I am so proud of him and grateful for getting to raise him and watch him turn into a wonderful young man. He is one of our hydration experts at our football games.

I discovered women’s football through a teammate at the age of 43 and I was old and out of shape. I played the first year and boy was I a rookie! I named myself “F@#kin Rookie” because I knew nothing and could not learn anything. All I could do was kick . . . and not very well.WFA Spotlight: Jennifer Strother, K/P, San Diego Rebellion

However, the reason I have continued to play is because of the support from my snapper Katie Ott and my holder Knengie Martin. Even in my first year when I was horrible, they always supported me, always pumped me up and have encouraged me to get better. I have evolved into the kicker I am today because of them. I am also extremely fortunate to have been trained by John Carney, Jeff Grybash and “Nick the Kick”. All these men have been instrumental in improving my kicking. In addition, the last few months I have been working out with my coach Kenny Bell who has inspired me to bring back the younger Jen. I love my football team and will play as long as I can hit it through the uprights.
I hope that women’s football gets the recognition it deserves, so young girls can play the sport as young as middle school. The only thing I regret is learning about this so late in life, so I will do all I can to get women’s football recognized.

WFA Spotlight: Jennifer Strother, K/P, San Diego Rebellion