DB Jewelle Grimsley
Nickname:  Jew, Teejae
Contact for Media Inquiry

Team USA - Jewelle Grimsley, New York SharksYears Playing: 7 (4 w/ NY Sharks; 3 w/ Savannah Sabers)
Ht, 5’7″; Wt 162
Age: -29
Birthday: 02/05/1988
Birthplace: St. Petersburg, FL
High School: Dr. Phillips High School (Orlando, FL)
Favorite Sports Teams: Green Bay Packers; Oregon Ducks (Football), Clemson Tigers (Football), Tennessee Women’s Basketball
Full-time Profession: U.S Army (9 years)
Hobbies: Basketball, weightlifting, playing with my dogs, hanging out with friends
Passions: Helping and teaching others
Other Sports played: Basketball, softball, track & field, flag football
How you got into football: I got into football back when I was a kid.  I used to play with my brother and nephews and their friends in the street.  After making it into high school I found out there was a flag football team so I joined that and fell in love with the game.  Although I was soooooo scared and against the idea of Team USA - Jewelle Grimsley, New York Sharksplaying tackle while in high school, it wasn’t until I moved to Georgia in 2010 and linked up with the Sabers who then had to convince me to play the game.  I was nervous about the contact.
Pets: 2 Dogs: Cane Corso-tesla (female); Mastiff mix Zeke (male)
Family:  I am single, no kids.  I have only my dad; my mom passed away in 2007.

Two Truths & a LIE:
-I hate the outdoors, camping, getting dirty, the whole nine.
-I have been an all-around athlete, playing sports since I was a small kid.
-I have a very bad temper.
Team USA - Jewelle Grimsley, New York Sharks