DT Joanie Duchesneau
Height: 6’’1, Weight:  180
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Team Canada - Joanie Duchesneau, Montreal BlitzYears Played:  3 seasons played
Age:  23
Date Born: 04/04/94
Location Born:  Montréal, Canada
College: Cegep de Maisonneuve
High School:  Dunton Academy
Favorite Sports Teams: Dallas Cowboys, Favorite player : J.J WATT
Full-time Profession: I’m a student in police technology
Hobbies:I like outdoor activities, reading and all sports
Passions:  ice hockey, football
Sports played in College?  In our province, we have a collegial level just before going to University.  I played Hockey as a Goaltender for St-Laurent Patriots AAA.
Other Sports played: Crossfit, dek hockey and flag football
How you got into football: When I was younger my only passion was Ice Hockey.  I played at a high level and I loved the competition.  When I stopped I had to find something else, so I started to play football.  I finally found something that was bringing me the excitement of playing at a high level of competition.
Pets: I have a cat and a dog
Family: I only have one brother.

In Her Own Words:
When I was a kid I tried many sports because my parents wanted me to have a passion. I picked hockey and soccer as my favorites and played them all during my childhood.

I remember as a little girl looking at football teams practicing after us on the soccer field.  I always found it was an interesting sport, although my parents thought it was not a sport for girls. They were probably scared that I would get injured if I played with the boys. But I always wished I could play and, back then, I didn’t know I would get an opportunity to play when I grew up.

When I was in high school I started to play flag football and I loved it! (I just wished I could hit someone instead of pulling their flags, but my time was about to come)

After high school, I was recruited to play collegiate hockey. That was where I learned how to train and about all the sacrifices you have to make to be successful as an athlete.

When I finished my hockey career, I was seeking something else and then I heard about the Montreal Blitz. I loved It since day 1. But I never thought it will bring me to the World championship!! It’s surely an Honor to represent my country and I’m very excited for the tournament.

My hopes for women’s football are that it continues to develop and grow. I wish that we would talk and hear more about it. I also would like that every girl who has ever experienced passion for football can dream and one day play this amazing sport.
When we grow up we find that a lot of the knowledge we acquired playing sports turns out to be valuable and helps turn you into the person you become.  Being an athlete and being disciplined help you achieve your goals. I believe that sports has been the greatest way to learn and grow up as an individual. I wouldn’t be the same person if it was not for what the sports brought me.

Team Canada - Joanie Duchesneau, Montreal Blitz Team Canada - Joanie Duchesneau, Montreal Blitz