DL Kimberly Marks
Nickname:  Marks
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Team USA - Kimberly Marks, Chicago ForceYears Playing: 11
Height:  5’9” Weight:  185
Age: 35
Birthday: 07/10/1981
Birthplace:  Pontiac, Michigan
College:  University of North Dakota, DePaul University College of Law, DePaul Kellstadt Graduate School of Business
Profession/Occupation and how many years there:  Tax Attorney (9 years)
High School: Rich Central High School
Favorite Sports Teams: Chicago Bears & University of MichiganTeam USA - Kimberly Marks, Chicago Force
Hobbies:  Reading
Passions: Family
Sports played during college:  Basketball, softball
Other Sports played:  Volleyball, Gymnastics
How you got into football:  I played recreational basketball with some members of the Chicago Force.  They encouraged me to try out.  I’ve always loved football so it wasn’t a difficult sell.
Family: Nicole Matheson – girlfriend

In Her Own Words:
As a kid I was always actively involved in athletics.  My parents involved me in a lot of different activities, but there was nothing that ever compared to the feeling of competing against others.  I started playing softball when I was six and I was a gymnast for more than Team USA - Kimberly Marks, Chicago Forceeight years, ending my career as the Junior Varsity All-Around conference champion in high school.  I loved gymnastics; however, basketball was my true passion.  Because the seasons ran concurrently, I elected to focus solely on basketball after my sophomore season.  I continued to play basketball and softball throughout high school and college.

Outside of sports my greatest joy is spending time with my girlfriend and my family.  Nicole (girlfriend), my parents (Ricky and Cindy), my brother and sister-in-law (Chris and Meagan), and of course my niece (Christina), are my greatest supporters.  Nicole plays on the Chicago Force alongside me, and it is a rare occasion that you will not see my parents in the stands for both home and away games.Team USA - Kimberly Marks, Chicago Force

I began playing for the Chicago Force in 2007.  I have always loved football.  My father coached my brother’s youth team (Country Club Hills Cougars) and my brother played middle linebacker throughout high school and also for Illinois State University.

I honestly never gave much thought to the idea of playing while I was a child.  Not because of a lack of desire, more from a lack of belief that it was even plausible.  Once I learned about the Force, I could not have been more excited about the prospect.

People ask me all the time: “What keeps you coming back?  Why do I continue to put my body through this year after year?”  To me the answer is simple.  I love my team.  I love my teammates.  I have been so fortunate to have been surrounded by such an amazing group of men and women all working together to achieve one goal.  Football has afforded me the opportunity to have experiences that I never would have thought possible.  Who actually thinks about travelling to Sweden or Finland?  I certainly never did.  And yet because of football I have been able to not only travel to both, but to travel there to play a game that I love.

This will be my final season playing football.    I cannot imagine a better way to end my career, than being a part of a 3rd gold medal winning effort for Team USA.

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Team USA - Kimberly Marks, Chicago ForceTeam USA - Kimberly Marks, Chicago Force






Team USA - Kimberly Marks, Chicago Force Team USA - Kimberly Marks, Chicago Force Team USA - Kimberly Marks, Chicago Force Team USA - Kimberly Marks, Chicago Force  Team USA - Kimberly Marks, Chicago Force