OL Lauren Ferragonio
Nickname: Goose
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Team USA - Lauren Ferragonio, Pittsburgh PassionYears Playing: 5
Ht: 5′ 7″, Wt: 240
Age: 22
Birthday: June 6, 1994
Birthplace: Pittsburgh, Pa
College: La Roche College
High School: Plum Senior High School
Favorite Sports Team: Pittsburgh Steelers
Full-time Profession: Correctional Officer
Hobbies: Crocheting, Bonfires, Traveling, and Reading
Passions: Making people laugh 

Other Sports played: Soccer and Softball
How you got into football: I was recruited to play for the Passion at age 12 by Passion legend Beth Amato (LB from 2002-2014). Team USA - Lauren Ferragonio, Pittsburgh Passion
Pets: Sadie the tortoise, and Baccus the parrot
Family: Mom-Patty, Dad-Fran, and Sister-Sarah