Name: Laurence Thivierge
Nickname: Lau
Contact for Media Inquiry
Team Canada - Laurence Thivierge, Montreal BlitzYears Playing:  2
Height: 5’10”, Weight: 160 lbs
Age: 23
Date Born: March 1st 1994
Location Born: Laval, Québec, Canada
College: Concordia University
High School: Collège Regina Assumpta
Favorite Sports Teams: New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys
Full-Time Profession: Currently studying to become a firefighter
Hobbies: Crossfit
Passions: Football, firefighter
Sports played in College?: Soccer
How you got into football: Many of my friends were playing for the Montreal Blitz and convinced me to try. Loved it since the first practice
Pets: 1 cat (Yoda)
Family (kids, stepkids, parents, partners, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife , etc.):Team Canada - Laurence Thivierge, Montreal Blitz

  • Dad: Pierre
  • Step-mom: Josée
  • Mom: France
  • Step-dad: Mario
  • Sister: Sophie
  • Step-sister: Alex
  • Step-sister: Maude
  • Step-sister: Eve
  • Step-brother: Cédric
  • Girlfriend: Annabelle Chevrier (which will also be playing for Team Canada)

Two Truths & a LIE:
— I’ve traveled all around the world
— I’ve only been playing football for 2 years
— I want to become a firefighter

Team Canada - Laurence Thivierge, Montreal BlitzIn Her Own Words:
My name is Laurence Thivierge, I’m 23 years old and I currently play for the Montreal Blitz. This is my second season with the Blitz and I play running back and receiver. I started playing for the Blitz because I had couple friends on the team that convinced me to try. I fell in love with the game at my very first practice. I love the physical side, the mental game, the emotional side, the adrenaline, how a football team becomes a family, the feeling I get when I step on the field and how you have to leave it all on the field every single play.

I played soccer from 2004-2014 and I made the switch after I ended my college career. I’m currently studying to become a firefighter and I will be done school in June 2018. I’m really looking forward to playing for Team Canada at the World Championship. I hope this event will give more visibility and popularity to the sport of women’s football so that it can grow around the world. “Champions always do more.”

Team Canada - Laurence Thivierge, Montreal Blitz Team Canada - Laurence Thivierge, Montreal Blitz