DB McKenzie Tolliver
Nickname: Mack
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Team USA - McKenzie Tolliver, Seattle MajesticsYears Playing: 3
Height: 5’6”, Weight: 145
Age: 31
Date Born: 04/22/1986
Location Born: Billings, Montana
College: Washington State University- GO COUGS!
High School: Billings Senior High
Favorite Sports Teams: Washington State Cougs, San Francisco 49ers
Full-Time Profession: Regional Portfolio Manager in Property Manager- Multi- family residential communities (9 years)
Hobbies: Playing and watching sports, camping, hiking, reading, activities with my family, friends
Passions: Sports and coaching
College Sports: I swam on a full-ride scholarship in the Pac-10 at WSU
Other Sports played: Grew up playing soccer, cross country
How you got into football: I’ve always loved football; always played with the guys growing up. I asked the coach in high school if I could play on the team, but the next year I ended up leaving high school (senior year) to train at an Olympic training academy for swimming.
Pets: Dog, Rocky, Cat named Kitty 🙂
Family: Husband, Cody. 2 Kids: Asher (4) and Aaliyah (5)Team USA - McKenzie Tolliver, Seattle Majestics

Two Truths & a LIE:
I have two blankies I still sleep with
I have a twin sister
I danced tap and Jazz (hip hop) for 12 years

In Her Own Words:
I was born and raised in Billings, Montana, where my parents met, were high school sweethearts, and still reside. My brother, McLean and sister M’ily and I all went to the same high school as our parents. I played soccer and swam growing up and through high school. I was a nationally ranked (Top 3) age group swimmer throughout my earlier years and teen years and was an All-State high school soccer player. I still hold multiple state records in Montana for multiple events.

Team USA - McKenzie Tolliver, Seattle MajesticsI swam at Washington State University on a full ride scholarship. I have multiple events that I achieved an all-time top-ten time in during my swim career at Wazzu. I majored and graduated with degrees in sociology and psychology with minor in Business and English. After college I started working as a property Manager on a low-income, affordable housing community and have continued to pursue my career in Property Management over the years.

I am currently a Regional Portfolio Manager where I specialize in multi-family low income and affordable housing. I love to volunteer and work with agencies that help place homeless families and victims of abuse and violence. My husband Cody and I have 2 kids, Aaliyah and Asher. Aaliyah is 5 and Asher is 4. We love to adventure, camp, hike, ride bikes.Team USA - McKenzie Tolliver, Seattle Majestics

I started playing football 3 years ago. My kids were 2 and 1 and I needed to get involved in a competitive atmosphere and I just couldn’t find my passion back with soccer. I have always loved football and wanted to play, so knowing that there was a professional women’s league felt right at the time. This is my third season with the Seattle Majestics. I play safety and tight end for my team. I am extremely passionate about promoting women’s football among young females across America. I would love to coach both my daughter and son someday on the field and be an advocate for getting underprivileged youth girls involved in football and using my experience in football as an example.

Team USA - McKenzie Tolliver, Seattle Majestics Team USA - McKenzie Tolliver, Seattle Majestics Team USA - McKenzie Tolliver, Seattle Majestics