The WFA welcomes the Mississippi Royalty

By Michael Burmy
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Exeter, CA —  The Women’s Football Alliance is pleased to announce that the Mississippi Royalty have officially signed on as a full member and will play in the WFA for the 2018 season.  Based in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, the Royalty will compete as members of Division 3 for 2018.

“It’s exciting to see the league expand into the great football state of Mississippi. We are confident the Royalty will be a competitive young team and we are looking forward to helping them grow in the WFA,” stated Lisa King, WFA Commissioner.

The Royalty are the second women’s tackle football team to have ever called Mississippi home and the first since the Mississippi Rapids of Olive Branch (a Memphis suburb) who played in the short-lived Women’s Football League for both its seasons of 2007 and 2008.  As the first team based in the Magnolia State to compete in a national women’s league, the Royalty are ready to be what makes Mississippi a true hotbed for the game and a force to unify all of women’s football, as owner Tyre Brown confidently announced in her comments.

“Our goal is to promote, support and increase awareness of women’s tackle football all around the state.” Brown states.  “We want to unify the sport worldwide, not necessarily by rules or a governing body, but by networking and relationships which will be the foundation of our strength.  We want to create a bond that will empower us to be in a position to enhance the sport for all.”

The Royalty are eagerly looking forward to playing the numerous other teams in the Mid-South region, namely the natural Mississippi-Louisiana rivalry ahead with the Acadiana Zydeco, as well as feuds with other teams such as the Huntsville Tigers, Tennessee Train and defending Division 3 National Champions Arkansas Wildcats.  Ultimately, the Royalty look to be immediate contenders to continue the Mid-South’s tradition of producing D3 National Champions, winning it for the Hub City and the Magnolia State!

The Royalty’s website and social media pages will be launched in the coming weeks.

For more information, contact team owner Tyre Brown by phone at (601)-622-7006 or by e-mail at or contact her personal Facebook page (@tyre.brown.12).  Or contact the WFA by phone at (559)-492-9326 or by e-mail at, “Like” them on Facebook and “Follow” them on Twitter (@WFAFootball), subscribe to their YouTube Channel (@WFA56) or visit http://www.wfaprofootbal