The WFA and it’s teams are hosting National Tryout Day October 14th in 60+ cities across the United States.

Are you a passionate athlete looking for the ultimate challenge in women’s football?  The Women’s Football Alliance (WFA) beckons you to join the largest and most competitive women’s tackle league in the world. With a massive network of 2500 players across 60 teams, the WFA offers an unparalleled platform for you to showcase your skills and make a mark in the sport. As if that wasn’t enough, imagine your name being enshrined in history, as WFA player jerseys proudly find their place in the esteemed Pro Football Hall of Fame. The opportunities for recognition don’t stop there! Get ready to shine on the national stage as the WFA partners with major broadcasters like ESPN and Women’s Sports Network, ensuring that your hard-earned skills are recognized and celebrated by millions of viewers worldwide. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to join the Women’s Football Alliance and be part of a legacy that’s redefining the sport for women everywhere. The gridiron awaits your greatness – seize the chance to make history with us! 

Contact teams directly or click Play in the WFA to be connected to the nearest team in your area.