WR Oli Davies
Nickname: Ol, Oliver, Princess
Contact for Media Inquiry
Team Great Britain - Oli Davies, Kansas City TitansYears Played:  4 years
Height: 5’6, Weight: 138lb
Age: 35
Date Born: 11/16/81
Location Born: London, England
College: St. Mary’s University, Twickenham
Favorite Sports Teams: KC Chiefs, KC Royals, KC Titans, England rugby, AFC Wimbledon
Full-time Profession: Firefighter for 11 years
Hobbies: Football, rugby, surfing. Any sport really/working out… Cooking, eating. Movies. Music.
Passions: As above. But mostly football!
Sports played in College: Rugby. Two years representing England students.
Other Sports played: I have tried just about every sport out there!
How you got into football: I had always loved watching football, but tackle football for women in the UK has really only developed in the last 5 years. As soon as I heard about it, I jumped at the chance to play and have been hooked ever since!Team Great Britain - Oli Davies, Kansas City Titans
Pets: currently none, although I am apparently getting a dog as soon as I stop travelling the world playing football!

In Her Own Words:
I have always loved all sports – I’m a very competitive person!

Having previously played field hockey, netball, tennis, soccer and taken part in track & field, I started playing rugby in college around 17 years ago. That has been my main sport since, and I have represented my college, England students, and my club team Richmond – who are a Premiership (top division semi-pro) team. I have won 3 national titles with Richmond, most recently in 2016.

Team Great Britain - Oli Davies, Kansas City TitansI began playing football 4 years ago, starting for Hertfordshire Tornadoes, and representing Great Britain six times. After we won the silver medal at the European Championships in 2015, I decided that I needed to do whatever it would take to be in the squad again for the World Championships and be the best player I possibly could be.

Doing this meant a move to the USA! An old rugby friend put me in touch with Liz Sowers at the Titans – and the rest is history… I’ve spent the last two seasons living and playing in KC. I have learned so much and loved every second!

My wish is just for women’s football to grow and grow, both in terms of numbers and support. That kids will see us play and believe they can too, and that all of the talented, passionate and dedicated female athletes who play our sport will receive the recognition they deserve.

Team Great Britain - Oli Davies, Kansas City Titans Team Great Britain - Oli Davies, Kansas City Titans Team Great Britain - Oli Davies, Kansas City Titans Team Great Britain - Oli Davies, Kansas City Titans