Name: Renee Langlais
Nickname: Quarterblack
Contact for Media Inquiry
WFA Spotlight: Renee Langlais, QB, Atlanta PhoenixExperience Playing: 7
Height: 5’8, Weight : 175
Age: 33
Birthday: 05/22/1984
Birthplace: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
High School: Lemon Bay High School
College: American Military University, Lincoln Trail and Kennesaw State University
Occupation: Retired US Marine Corps, 11 years

Favorite Players: Danny Amendola, Julio Jones, Aaron Rodgers

Hobbies: Lifting weights and customizing shoes
Passions: Helping animals
College Sports: Basketball and Softball
Other Sports: Soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball, baseball, football, mountain biking and trackWFA Spotlight: Renee Langlais, QB, Atlanta Phoenix
Girlfriend Amanda Braddy
Pets: 6 dogs, a ferret, two parakeets and a duck. Also, we have 3 foster dogs.

Follow Her on Social Media:
Instagram: @RenQB12
Facebook: Renee.Langlais.9

Two Truths & a LIE:
— I served in the Marine Corps for eleven years
— I don’t like animals
— I played football with the boys up until age 14WFA Spotlight: Renee Langlais, QB, Atlanta Phoenix

In Her Own Words:
I have always loved football as long as I can remember. I would always destroy most of the boys in Middle School and would be picked first most of the time.  I played tackle football with the boys through my 8th grade year. I played quarterback and wide receiver and have loved football ever since. Always played flag and the second I found a women’s tackle team … it’s been a wrap since then.

I played sports since I was about 4-years-old.  My father coached me and my brother.

I played with the boys up until age 14. I played soccer, basketball, softball, baseball and AAU basketball. When I entered high sWFA Spotlight: Renee Langlais, QB, Atlanta Phoenixchool I went down to one sport which was basketball. I was on the Varsity team as a Freshman and lettered all four years.

When the high school season was over it was right into AAU. I received a scholarship to play basketball in Illinois and ended up also walking onto the softball team. After a year in college, I got bored and was looking for something different. It was a few years after 9/11 and it was almost like I had a calling so I drove to Indiana and talked to a Marine Corps recruiter. I signed on the dot that day and two weeks later I was off to Parris Island for boot camp.  I spent 11 years as an intelligence analyst and deployed four times — three times to Iraq and once to Afghanistan. I spent time in Okinawa, Thailand, Iwo Jima and the Philippines. In 2014, after eleven years of service I was medically retired.

I ABSOLUTELY love football and will continue to play as long as I can.

I only hope that Women’s football can continue to make huge strides each and every year and eventually allow girls to pursue a dream that has only been available to men. Women can play!!