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by Backseat Coach

Last week‘s record: 21-7 (75%)
Record for 2017: 44-10 (81%)

1) Montreal Blitz (D2) @ New York Sharks (D2):  This is the long-time rivalry we think it is: New York (2-0) first met the Blitz (0-0) 15 years ago this month. The history is so long that these teams didn’t even face each other for seven years (2007-2013) and we STILL think of it as a classic rivalry. In all that time could the Blitz win a game? Not one. But their two closest games are the two most recent: 26-21 and 13-12 losses just last year. Is 2017 the year Montreal gets over the hump? I hope so, but I’m still picking….
Prediction: New York

2) NY Knockout (D3) @ Connecticut Hawks (D3): I predict this will be a fun and competitive game. The Hawks (0-1) put up a good effort against the strong Richmond Black Widows, and by virtue of that I am picking them as the favorite.
Prediction: Connecticut

3) Hampton Roads Lady Gators (D3) @ Richmond Black Widows (D3): Congrats to the Lady Gators (1-1) who notched their first victory in team history last week. Richmond (1-1) got their first win of the season, but it is their 18-point loss to New York the week previous that I find more interesting. That performance is impressive, and if their defense is truly that strong, they should have a great chance to win. The Gators have proven me wrong once, but can they do it again?  Prediction: Richmond

4) Cleveland Fusion (D1) @ Pittsburgh Passion (D1): I expect Pittsburgh (2-0) to win, but I am more interested in seeing how Cleveland (1-0) plays. Lose or win, it won’t much affect their playoff chances, though I am sure they’d like a chance at a home game. A win or keeping it close may help them down the stretch.
Prediction: Pittsburgh

5) West Michigan Mayhem (D2) @ Flint City Riveters (D3): The Mayhem (1-1) are just too tough for the Riveters (0-2) this time around.
Prediction: West Michigan

6) Derby City Dynamite (D3) @ Tennessee Train (D3): Derby City (0-2) has won their previous two meetings against the Train (0-2), but a few years have passed since their last matchup. There is not much evidence to support the idea that either of these teams are markedly more or less competitive than they were a few years ago, so there doesn’t seem to be a reason to think anything different will happen this time around.
Prediction: Derby City

7) Carolina Phoenix (D2) @ South Carolina Smash (D3): The Smash (1-1) have done pretty well for themselves so far playing two close games.  I am afraid however that they will soon understand they have a long way to go before they can smash the Carolina Phoenix (1-0).
Prediction: Carolina

8) Tampa Bay Inferno (D2) @ Daytona Waverunners (D3):  I am just hoping the game gets played. But this could get ugly, if it does. Tampa Bay (2-0) is looking very solid right now.
Prediction: Tampa Bay

9) Orlando Anarchy (D3) @ North Florida Pumas (D2): This will be the first time I feel strongly about an Anarchy (2-0) win.
Prediction: Orlando

10) Acadiana Zydeco (D3) @ Houston Power (D3):  I’ve gone back-and-forth a couple times on this one. Zydeco has two surprising losses so far this season, and if they lose this one, I’d say the 2016 Champs are looking at a potential winless season. And first-to-worst is not the way it should be done.  The Power (0-2) are 8-1 all time against the Zydeco (0-2) with their only loss coming last year to the eventual D3 champs. Yet it looks like the Zydeco just doesn’t have it this season.
Prediction: Houston

11) Seattle Majestics (D1) @ Everett Reign (D2):  When you take a hard loss like Everett (0-1) did last week, you want to have a bounceback game. This ain’t it. There is no doubt the Reign will play hard and get their licks in. But it looks like rising Seattle (2-0) has the momentum.
Prediction: Seattle

12) Oregon Lady Renegades (D3) @ Portland Fighting Shockwave (D1): An examination of Seattle’s games the past two weeks against the Lady Gades (0-1) and the Fighting Shockwave (1-1) indicate that this could be a pretty darn good game. Seattle defeated those teams by 9 and 3 points, respectively. I am giving Portland the edge for home field advantage, and for probably feeling like this is a must-win for them.
Prediction: Portland

13) Kern County Crusaders (D3) @ Ventura Wolfpack (D3): Each team represents the other team’s best chance to get a win this season. They are both 0-2, but this week, one of them will be a winner. Thankfully, they play twice this season, so whoever loses this one will be looking for payback next time.
Prediction: Kern County

14) Minnesota Machine (D3) @ Mile High Blaze (D2): The Machine (0-2) have had a rough go of it after returning from a lear-long hiatus. Of course, they have faced a couple of the toughest teams out there in the Titans and the Vixen. But then, they face a very tough team this week too. Blaze (2-0) by a mile.
Prediction: Mile High

15) Knoxville Lightning (n/a) @ Music City Mizfits (D3): A great new tradition in the making for the great state of Tennessee! The winner claims the Volunteer Cup.
Prediction: Music City

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