LB Qiana Wright
Nickname: Star
Contact for Media Inquiry
Team USA - Qiana Wright, Philadelphia PhantomzYears Playing: 8
Ht: 5’10, Wt: 180
Age: 34
Birthdate: 9/27
Birthplace: Philadelphia
College: Cleveland State University
High School: Simon Gratz
Favorite Sports Teams:Eagles, Seahawks/Clemson, Ohio State, North Philly Aztecs
Profession/Occupation and how many years there: Real Estate/ CEO of A.G.S.C.
Hobbies: traveling/swimming
Passions: Motivational Speaking
College Sports: Basketball, Swimming, Track
Other Sports played: Lacrosse, Hockey
How/why you got into football: I played every other sport and wanted to try something different to challenge myselfTeam USA - Qiana Wright, Philadelphia Phantomz

Family: Single with a son, Kion, 13, and a daughter, Kyla, 10

Two Truths & A LIE!
I competed in the Junior Olympics for swimming
I studied one year abroad in Finland
I worked in a mechanic shop


Qiana Wright, who goes by the name Star has been playing football for 8 years. Prior to football, she started her athletic career as a competitive swimmer. Star swam competitively for 13 years. In high school she ran track and played basketball. She would go to swimming practice in the morning before school then after school she would go to track practice then basketball. She ultimately lettered in all 3 sports. She went on to college where she continued to flourish in her athletics.

Star was raised by her mother and step father. She has one sister/3 step-brothers and 1-step sister. Star has 2 children: one son 13 years old and one daughter 10 years old who also both plays football.

Team USA - Qiana Wright, Philadelphia PhantomzStar got into football simply because she’s played every other sport and she wanted to try something new and challenging. She tried out for the Philadelphia team and the rest is history now she is the owner, head coach, and starting linebacker for the Philadelphia Phantomz. A team that is making a lot of noise in the WFA in only their 2nd season of existence.

Star hopes that women’s football get the recognition and respect it deserves. She feels the amount of time commitment and dedication that the women put in without pay is not only a slap in the face but a sign of disrespect to women’s sports. So instead of complaining about the injustice she has decided to do everything she can in the city of Philadelphia and the tri-state area to bring awareness to women’s tackle football as a whole. The Phantomz averages about 600 people a game and is involved in many charity events as they can get their hands on.

Star is also the founder and CEO of A.G.S.C. an all girls sports camp that brings in professional and Division 1 athletes each week to teach the children a different sport each week. The camp also teaches young girls, teamwork, self-esteem, empowerment, character, goal setting, confidence, leadership, and responsibility all through the power of sports.

Star wishes to expand on her summer camp by adding a new location each year. She also wishes to inspire young girls who love football so she will be starting her all girls flag league this fall.

Team USA - Qiana Wright, Philadelphia Phantomz Team USA - Qiana Wright, Philadelphia Phantomz Team USA - Qiana Wright, Philadelphia Phantomz