OL Rachel Huhn 
Nickname: Polar Bear
Contact for Media Inquiry
Team USA - Rachel Huhn, D.C. DivasYears playing: 10
Height: 5’8; Weight: Lineman 😉
Age: 34
Date Born: 11/18/1982
Location Born: Lansing, MI
College: BA – Michigan State University & JD – University of the District of Columbia – David A Clarke School of Law
High School: Grand Ledge High School
Favorite Sports Teams: Michigan State everything! New England Patriots, Golden State Warriors and Detroit Tigers
Passions: Besides everything football related, travel!
How you got into football: I got recruited playing flag, but I had always wanted to play since I fell in love with the sport in high school!
Pets: Pit Bull named Penny
Family: Partner/Fiancé – Rebecca Worsham (also on Team USA)Team USA - Rachel Huhn, D.C. Divas

Two Truths & a LIE
1. I grew up on a large farm with 600+ cattle
2. I met many celebrities working as a Housekeeping Manager.
3. I speak 3 languages fluently, English, German, and French.

In Her Own Words:

Football first of course: I have played for the DC Divas for the last 10 years on the Offensive Line.  As of this season I’ve played all five positions on the line through at least one full game, though the majority of my career has been at Center.  I love Guard the most because I get to pull and lay out a defender without them even seeing it coming. This is my first time trying out for Team USA and I am so excited to represent women, this sport, and my country.

I also coach youth football as an offensive line coach.  This next season will be year number six for me.  I enjoy teaching younger kids the sport because they still have a passion for the game and it is fun to see them when they have their “lightbulb” moments.  I’ve been lucky to have great role models in coaching.  Greg Gaskins, our current head coach, is the best offensive line coach I’ve ever experienced.  He knows how to explain the game so well, push you past your limits, and create drills that can really hone your game.  Eric Evans is the other football mastermind I Team USA - Rachel Huhn, D.C. Divashave learned so much from.  He knows the offense so well and has helped me when I have coaching questions, but the biggest reason I look up to him so much is because he understands the psychology of the game and the women who play it.  He knows how to coach every individual to make them buy-into the team.  I try very hard to take what they have taught me and share with as many people as I can.

My second greatest passion is traveling.  I have been to three different continents and several countries and states and I’m hoping to make continent number four for our honeymoon by the end of the year.  We want to go to South Africa to experience a safari, beautiful Cape Town, the vineyards and food, and of course penguins!  My other exciting adventures have been a study abroad to India and the United Arab Emirates and talk about a difference between the two places.  I also studied in Germany a few times to practice the language and traveled to the surrounding countries to enjoy as much Team USA - Rachel Huhn, D.C. Divasas I could while in Europe.  I also went to Finland to cheer on Becky when she played for the Gold medal in Finland in 2013.  And of course beach travel to places like Jamaica, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.  In the States, I love traveling to California, Florida, Texas, New York, Illinois and home to Michigan every chance I get.

As I skipped ahead to the honeymoon, I should talk about the wedding!  I’m marrying the love of my life, Rebecca “Becky” Worsham this October.  We met playing for the Divas and have been together for several years.  She finally put a ring on it! 😉  So as if my life wasn’t crazy enough with football, Team USA, and work I’ve added a ton of wedding planning into the mix.  It’s a lot of fun, but I will be glad to just celebrate the day.  We also have a very active dog, Penny who we love to spoil rotten!

To relax, I enjoy watching movies and television.  Becky would say I’m obsessed, but my current favorites are Last Man Standing, Grey’s Anatomy, Madam Secretary and guilty pleasure of Bachelor/Bachelorette.  I’m currently bingeing on Shameless on Netflix as well.  The movies I can watch over and over are Bridesmaids, Pitch Perfect and any Disney movie (including singing along).  I also like watching 300 to get fired up for a game.

Team USA - Rachel Huhn, D.C. Divas Team USA - Rachel Huhn, D.C. Divas Team USA - Rachel Huhn, D.C. Divas Team USA - Rachel Huhn, D.C. Divas Team USA - Rachel Huhn, D.C. Divas