OL Rebecca Worsham (Becky)
Nickname: Smallz
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Height: 6’1”, Weight: 270
Age: 32
Birthday: 6/1/84
Birthplace: Washington DC
College: started at Trinity University in DC then graduated at George Mason University with two Bachelors, one in Exercise Science and the other in Physical Education
High School: Word of Life Academy
Favorite Sports Teams: Washington Redskins, Michigan State (all sports, mostly football and basketball)
Full-Time Profession: Physical Therapist Assistant since 2002, second career 3rd years as a PE teacher

Hobbies: coaching football, learning new things, going to football games for MSU but mostly NFL
Passions: playing and coaching football
College: College D3 Basketball, soccer and learned how to play lacrosse (for the 2 years I was at Trinity)
Other Sports played: volleyball in high school
How you got into football: I played flag at George Mason because I missed playing sports. The team I was playing for allowed full contact on the line of scrimmage and I loved it. A couple of years later I was talking to one of my patients about the flag team I was on. She played for the DC Divas and told me I should try playing tackle since I liked the contact part of flag.
Pets: 1 Pitbull named Penny
Family: Fiancé J Rachel Huhn

Two Truths & A LIE:
I hate arts and crafts
I had 15 kids in my high-school graduating class
In college I learned how to play lacrosse and played on the team

In Her Own Words:
I am very excited to play Oline for the second time on Team USA. It will be an awesome experience to go to Vancouver with my football sisters.  My first experience was in 2013 in Finland where we won the gold. I was able to meet so many other players that had similar lifestyles and experiences. After playing on the 2013 USA team it changed my outlook on the football community.  I was able to a look at the full picture of the growth of women’s football and what the future will hold.

I have been playing football for 10 years and it is a big part of my life. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to coach youth football which helped my development in the game. With coaching I also found a deeper love for the game. Watching young players learn football in any aspect is one of the best feelings. Midway through my career I also found my life’s passion – teaching!  I am able to teach in a way that kids/players could understand because of football. I use my ability to teach any chance I get, on and off the field.

I also have had a great role model.  My Oline coach for the last 4 years, Greg Gaskins, has been one of the biggest reasons I have developed into the lineman I am today. He always has the right thing to say to help me with my technique and most importantly my confidence. I hope one day I can be as knowledgeable as Greg is with the game of football.

I met my fiancé Rachel Huhn while playing for the Divas. We are in a unique situation because we play on the same team in the same position group and it has really strengthened our bond.  She has been a big part of my growth as a person and as a football player. She would push me when I didn’t think I could do anymore. When we’re not playing football we do love spending time together doing lots of other things.  We especially love to travel together.  A bucket list item for us both is to go to every NFL stadium and we’re about a third of the way there.