WR Rose-Amelie Brunet
Nickname: Rose
Contact for Media Inquiry
Team Canada - Rose-Amelie Brunet, Montreal BlitzYears Playing: : 3
Height: 5’7″, Weight: 170 lbs
Age: 20
Date Born: 09/09/1996
Location Born: LaSalle
College: Valleyfield and Rouyn-Noranda
High School: Baie St-François
Favorite Sports Teams: (pro) Seahawks and (College) Rouge et Or
Full-time Profession: Still at school and during summer I’m a lifeguard (5 years)
Hobbies: Sports
Passions: Football
Sports played in College: Soccer AA, Flag football Div 3
Other Sports played: Snowboard, touch football
Why you got into football: Because it’s the most beautiful sport
Pets: 1 dog and it’s a big black Pug
Family: I have a beautiful Girlfriend and her name is Juliette Legault

Two Truths & a LIE:
— I love teamwork
— I can play Oline
— I have no limits

I won the player of the year in Flag Football, which is a great honor.  My girlfriend Juliette Legaul is 18 years and she plays football too for the Montreal Blitz. She’s amazing, beautiful and I’m the luckiest girl in the world.  Not my wife soon but soon…

I like football for the contact, team spirit, teamwork, and family, and would like to play like men and become as much important as them.  I also hope to win the tournament.

Team Canada - Rose-Amelie Brunet, Montreal Blitz Team Canada - Rose-Amelie Brunet, Montreal Blitz