DB Sa’toria Bell
Nickname: Sic
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Team USA - Sa'toria Bell, Philadelphia PhantomzYears Playing: 3
Ht: 5’10, Wt: 180
Age: 27
Birthdate: 3/17/90
Birthplace: Philadelphia, PA
College: Temple University
High School: Northeast High
Favorite Sports Teams: I don’t really have any favorite sports teams only favorite players. That list would include Lebron James, Cam Newton, Deshaun Watson, Russell Westbrook, and how could I forget Tia Watkins!!! (haha) However, if i had to choose my fav youth sports team would be the North Philly Aztecs
Full-Time Profession: Graphic Designer & Sports Apparel Manufacturer
Hobbies: Designing new sports apparel, Walks, and Eating
Passions: Football, cooking, kids, and women
College Sports: Division 1 Basketball at Temple UniversityTeam USA - Sa'toria Bell, Philadelphia Phantomz
How did you get into football:  I started playing football at the age of 7. Cheerleading didn’t exactly work out so football was the next option.
Pets: 2 dogs Bella and Autumn

In Her Own Words:
I hope to inspire a young lady one day to go after her dreams no matter how far out of reach they may seem. I’ve been asked over 100+ times in my career: Why do I play football and what will I get out of it? It’s moments like these that help me understand in those moment why I became speechless. I am 1 of 45 women competing for a Gold Medal in WOMEN”S TACKLE FOOTBALL.

Please don’t tell me that the sky is the limit when football has made me see the moon!!! Chase Your Dreams!

(Pics of Sa’toria and her nephew, aka her biggest fan!)
Team USA - Sa'toria Bell, Philadelphia Phantomz Team USA - Sa'toria Bell, Philadelphia Phantomz Team USA - Sa'toria Bell, Philadelphia PhantomzTeam USA - Sa'toria Bell, Philadelphia Phantomz