LB Sonja Drangsholt
Nickname: Grace Kelly
Contact for Media Inquiry
Team USA - Sonja Drangsholt, Chicago ForceYears Playing: 3 years
Ht: 5ft 7in., Wt: 176lb.
Age: 21.
Birthday: 28 02 1996.
Birthplace: Norway.
College: Have not begun yet, may study nursing next year.
High School: Vennesla videregående school in Norway.
Favorite Sports Teams: Chicago bears
Hobbies: I have 4 beautiful horses back home, So I do a lot of horesback riding. I love working out and Yoga. AND being with friends and family means a lot.
Passions: Help people with autism. (My brother has autism and my mother is the leader in the autism association in Norway so I have grown up in that environment).
How you got into football: My mom saw it in the newspaper and thought I would fit in perfectly and she was right. Played since.
Family: Single
Pets: 3 dogs and 4 horses (Well, we live on a farm, so some other animals too also lamas. a pig, sheep, and goats, etc.)

Two Truths & a LIE: 
—   My first year playing for the Chicago force I traveled back and forth from Norway and the US at the beginning of the season. I would fly to Chicago on a Friday and come back to Norway on a Monday and go back to school.Team USA - Sonja Drangsholt, Chicago Force
—   I was an Junior Olympian in equestrian.
—   I have double citizenship Norwegian and English.

In Her Own Words:

I grew up the single girl on a boys teams in Norway. I have played football for almost ten years, since I was 11-years-old. I played with the boys on my clubs U15, U17 and U19 teams. I loved playing with the boys. The intensity and the hard hits is what helped me be the physical player I am today. During my years with the U15, U17 and U19 I was one of the captains and was the MVP on defense as a linebacker. Currently in Norway the sport is growing for women.

Now i play for the Chicago Force. Its my third year playing for the Force, and its a great team and the coaches are amazing.

In 2013, at age 17, I got a chance to attend the Women’s World Championships in Finland and saw for the first time in my life football teams comprised of only female athletes. It was mind blowing to me that we had this opportunity to strive for:  a World Championship! Ever since then it has been in my head to have the opportunity to play in this tournament on TEAM USA. It has been the goal and focus of all my training the last four years. I love football with every fiber of my body and heart.

I just graduated from high school a couple of years ago and, besides football,  I have been working part-time as a nurse’s assistant  at a home for multi-disabled kids. In Norway, I live with my family on a farm in the country outside of Norway’s most southern town Kristiansand. On the farm we have dogs, cats, goats, lamas, a pig called kompa, and my other passion, horses,

My family is mom and dad plus three siblings. I am the oldest.

Here is her Go Fund Me Page that she set up to gather contribute to her WWC expenses.

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Team USA - Sonja Drangsholt, Chicago Force

Team USA - Sonja Drangsholt, Chicago Force