OL Steph Jeffers
Nickname:  Big Steph
Contact for Media Inquiry
Team USA - Steph Jeffers, Boston RenegadesYears Playing: 9
Ht:    5’11”  Wt:  270
Age: 31
DOB: June 10 1985
Born: Boston, MA
High School: Barnstable High School
College:  University of Tulsa
Sports played in College:  Division I Track and field throwing events – Shot put, discus, and some hammer throw
Favorite Sports Team: New England Patriots, Celtics, Boston Renegades
Other Sports played:  Rugby (sevens)
How/why you got into football: I wanted to be part of a team and family that I could also work out with and build connections
Full-Time Occupation:  Union Electrician (5 years)
Passions: Football and learning about new hobbies. I just picked up Muay Thai (martial arts.) Also research how to be a manager for models.
Hobbies: working out and trying to better myself
Family: Single, no kids; brother (pictured below.)

In her own words:

I wish I could play football for a living, even for just a small amount of money without having to pay to play. After hearing that the US Women’s hockey team fought to receive $70,000 a year it gave me hope.

I believe the work we put into football (even after working a full day), and the high level of success we derive from it are worthy of full professional (paying) status. I would be happy to leave my paying job and make football my full time focus.  I’d be passionate to work on my body and image to become the best athlete I can be. We already put everything we have into this sport: our time, our energy, and sacrifice away from family and friends.  But I believe financial support would bring our sport to another level altogether.  I truly believe in creating more for the women in this sport and I will dedicate everything I can to make progress.  That is all and that is my heart.

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Team USA - Steph Jeffers, Boston RenegadesTeam USA - Steph Jeffers, Boston RenegadesTeam USA - Steph Jeffers, Boston Renegades

Team USA - Steph Jeffers, Boston Renegades Team USA - Steph Jeffers, Boston Renegades