April 5, 2023 – Vatic AI, an industry-leading Generative AI Search advertising solution, is proud to announce that it has become a major sponsor of the Women’s Football Alliance Pro Division (WFA Pro), the largest and most competitive women’s American football league in the world. This partnership represents a significant commitment to advancing women’s sports and promoting gender equality through sport.

As part of this sponsorship, Vatic AI will provide financial support to the WFA Pro and its member teams, as well as contribute to the league’s marketing efforts. In addition, Vatic AI will work closely with the WFA to develop digital advertising campaigns that raise awareness for the league and its players, and promote the values of diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with the Women’s Football Alliance, and to be supporting the growth and development of women’s football,” said Michael Hahn, CEO of Vatic AI. “At Vatic AI, we believe that sports have the power to inspire and unite people, and we are excited to help showcase the incredible talent and dedication of these female athletes. The WFA Pro has great opportunities for Vatic AI to expand our reach to audiences through channels like the Women’s Sports Network, social media and their players.”

The Women’s Football Alliance was founded in 2009 and has since grown to become the largest women’s American football league in the world, with over 60 teams across the United States. The league’s mission is to provide opportunities for women to play football at a high level, while promoting diversity, inclusivity, and empowerment in sports.

“We are delighted to have Vatic AI on board as a major sponsor of the Women’s Football Alliance Pro Division,” said Jess Dodge, CEO of the WFA Pro. “Their support will help us continue to expand our reach and continue to empower female athletes all over the world. Both the WFA Pro and Vatic AI are in hyper-growth mode, and we are excited to do this together.”

The partnership between Vatic AI and the Women’s Football Alliance represents a significant step forward for women’s sports and highlights the important role that companies can play in supporting female athletes and promoting gender equality. Through this sponsorship, Vatic AI is not only investing in the future of women’s football, but also sending a powerful message about the importance of diversity and inclusivity in sports and society at large.

“We believe that the future of sports is one in which everyone has an equal opportunity to participate and succeed, regardless of their gender, race, or background,” said Michael Hahn, CEO, Vatic AI “By supporting the WFA Pro, we hope to inspire more companies and organizations to invest in the future of women’s sports and support the incredible female athletes who are leading the way.”

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The Women’s Football Alliance is the largest, longest-running, and most competitive women’s football league in the world. With 60 teams and 2,100 players, the WFA has created opportunities for women to compete and learn the game at the highest level. The WFA Pro Division is the highest level of competition, with their games broadcasted on the Women’s Sports Network and the National Championship Game televised on ESPN-2. For more information, visit

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