LB Vicky Eddy
Nickname: Eddy
Contact for Media Inquiry
Team USA - Vicky Eddy, Boston RenegadesYears Playing:  17
Ht: 5’6″ Wt:  130 lbs.
Age: 36
DOB: 12/277
Born: Rutland, VT
High School: Rutland High School
College: Saint Anselm College (BA)  WPI (MS)
Played DII Collegiate Soccer and Softball

Favorite Sports Teams — New England Patriots
Occupation/years: Software Development Manager, Amazon Robotics (10yrs)
Hobbies: Football, Hockey, Lifting
Passions: Football, Hockey, Lifting
Other Sports played: Basketball

Why do you play football: It’s been a dream of mine since I was a little girl, as far as I can remember.  My entire family was big into football. I wanted to be like my Dad.

Pets: Cooper (mutt)

In her own words:

I’ve been a huge football fan since I was roughly 4 years old.  I wanted to play for my local high school, then Notre Dame, and then I wanted to be a receiver for John Elway on the Denver Broncos.  I picked the Broncos because they had a horse on their helmet, and what little girl doesn’t love horses?

As I got older I realized that I would never be allowed to play football.  I got into soccer, softball, and basketball.  During my sophomore year in college I heard about a women’s football league that was starting up. The closest team that I could find from my college in New Hampshire was the Connecticut Crush.  I quit the softball team, and drove 3+ hours each way to practice 3 times a week to be part of the team.  I would leave campus around 3pm, after all of my classes, practice from 7:30-10pm in Hartford CT, and make it back to campus in NH by 1-2am.  My car had no air conditioning, and halfway through the season the stereo died.  I didn’t care.  I had an entire football team full of new family members, and I was living my dream.   It was the best thing I ever did.  I’m thankful for every day that I get out onto the field.

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Team USA - Vicky Eddy, Boston Renegades       Team USA - Vicky Eddy, Boston Renegades