Here are this week’s game previews!
Los Angeles Warriors (8-0) vs Sin City Trojans (5-3)
Wisconsin Dragons (4-3) vs Madison Blaze (1-6)
Knoxville Lightning D3 (2-5) @ Mississippi Royalty D3 (4-1)
Derby City Dynamite v Music City Mizfits
Minnesota Vixen (7-0, 3-0 Division 2) v Kansas City Titans (6-1, 2-0 Division 1)


Los Angeles Warriors (8-0) vs Sin City Trojans (5-3)
Coronado High School, 7 p.m., Saturday, June 9th
by Warriors Staff

We have made it to the final week of the 2018 season! This season has flown by with twists and turns, surprises, and upsets. And the Los Angeles Warriors are heading to Las Vegas this weekend to try and accomplish a record in this team’s history: an undefeated season. Standing in their way of this goal is the Sin City Trojans that are trying to prove to themselves, and the league, that they have learned from their mistakes in the past and are ready to move forward in the Division III playoffs.

The last time these two teams met each other two weeks ago, the Trojans were met with a Warriors defense that either forced them to punt or an untimely turnover every single time the offense took the field. But with twelve people on their sideline, their defense showed some fire by putting up a goal line stance against the Warriors explosive offense.

The Warriors offense averages almost 400 yards a game and have scored multiple touchdowns on the ground and through the air. It is very difficult to keen on one player. With nine different people scoring on offense so far this season, teams have found it difficult to stop. This stat does not even include defense and special teams! This season has been successful in that all three units of football – offense, defense, and special teams – have scored on multiple occasions in the same game!
Fresh off a bye, the Warriors are setting their eyes on Sin City and no one else. The motto of “one game at a time” and “never underestimate your opponent” is something stressed towards players and coaches.

“Playing a team the second time around is never the same,” Head Coach Bobby Patterson says after practice to his team. “That team prepares more, focuses on their weaknesses more, and they game plan better. We cannot take any team lightly.”

This upcoming game will be different. The weather is something that the Warriors have not dealt with the entire season. All their games have been “perfect” football weather. And it is projected to be almost 100 degrees at game time! Could this be the edge that the Trojans need to spoil the Warriors plan of being undefeated? Or can the Warriors see the weather as another great training element on their road to Atlanta?

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Wisconsin Dragons (4-3) vs Madison Blaze (1-6)
Hart Park Stadium, Wauwatosa, WI – Saturday, June 9th, 2pm kickoff
by Scorch, Dragons Team Mascot
The Dragons’ win streak ended last weekend with a flat loss in Minnesota, the rematch of Sleet Bowl ‘18, against the #1 overall Division II seed Vixen. The squad looks to rebound this week and finish the regular season on the rise in the second of two games against in-state rival, the Madison Blaze.

The Blaze have had a tough go of it this year, their first in Division III after coming to the league as a Division II team in 2017. After scoring their first offensive points of the season vs the Dragons in Week 8, the Blaze took advantage of a much-needed Week 9 bye to rejuvenate and prepare for the rematch in Milwaukee. This game will be for state bragging rights only, as neither team’s playoff status is at stake. The Blaze are ineligible for the 2018 playoffs and the Dragons’ berth is already set: a 2nd round matchup will take the team back to Minnesota on June 30th.

After scouting the Week 3 Blaze vs Tidal Waves game in person, the Dragons used what was learned in the stands to put together a strong game plan both vs Grand Rapids and at Madison and there’s no reason to think that this week’s contest will be any different. This game will also reunite several former teammates, as the Dragons’ current roster and coaching staff include many past members of both the original Madison team (the Wisconsin Wolves) and the Blaze.

“Who doesn’t like an in-state rival game?” asks defensive coordinator Nate Harris. “We know Madison will bring their ‘A Game’! We are quite prepared for anything they can throw at us. This game is between friends and family so I’m anticipating a hard-fought friendly game of football!”

Line coach Lisa Hochschild was elated to find out last summer that the Dragons were returning to Milwaukee, allowing her to continue coaching without the long commute she had for every practice last year. “We are very excited for this second meeting against the Blaze. Both teams are evenly matched and this game will definitely be a battle of wills. Madison is very well coached, as are we. We look forward to a well-played game. As mentioned, there is a lot of crossover of players. This game should prove to be not only hard hitting but really fun!”

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Knoxville Lightning D3 (2-5) @ Mississippi Royalty D3 (4-1)

June 9, 2018 – 6:00pm – Midway High School – 530 Loudon HWY  Kingston, TN

By:  AnneMarie Snyder

The Royalty come to Knoxville in an effort to stretch their win streak to five games and solidify their position in the Playoffs. The Lightning are hoping that a hard strike will bring down the rain onto the Royalty’s parade.

Offensive Coach Jimmy Wallace: “ We know what kind of game they bring, but we are more focused on what we need to do. Hopefully we will play tough and put a few points on the board.”

Defensive Coach Gregory Goodman:  “Our Defense has grown stronger over the season. While the Royalty have a high scoring offense, I know our girls will make them fight for every score.”

Says Veteran WR Michala Cameron: “What a journey our season has been! We have only played 15 games with the same coaching staff, and only 7 of those with the same personnel. We moved to a different league with a caliber of teams much different than we have played in the past.”

“We once again had rookies outnumber the vets, some new to football entirely. This Saturday will prove to be the culmination of our season. There have been a lot of moving parts this year with some players choosing not to return, and others fallen due to injury. I am proud to say that veterans and rookies have stepped up to play in positions they didn’t get to practice.”  Michala added this about the Knoxville Lightning team, “I for one, am proud of this year’s team- because win or lose, we always come back the next week ready to work. This Saturday’s game is bittersweet, as it is our last game of the season, finished on our home field. It is a long drive for most of us to the field, but the community has embraced us and we cannot thank everyone enough for showing their support. It has been a long, rough road but it is through adversity that we shine as a team. So, this week is going to be like any other week for us. We must finish strong.  And come Saturday, we will go to work.”

Brandi Fink, Rookie WR/DE: “I’m looking forward to our game Saturday against the Mississippi Royalty. I think our last game against Huntsville has allowed us to open our eyes as a team that, against all odds we can win as long as we work together.”  She added, “ I’m proud to know each of these ladies and I look forward to our next fight together and hope we can get another win!!”

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Derby City Dynamite v Music City Mizfits

Game date: June 9th , 2018 @: 5 p.m. Kick Off, Holy Cross HS, 5144 Dixie Hwy, Louisville, KY 40216,  By T.Banks

DCD and MCM are somewhat sister teams that have joined together on many occasions to play out of league opponents during the off season.  They have also played each other a number of times over the years with last season being no different.  DCD lost to the Atlanta Phoenix last weekend as did MCM to the Arkansas Wildcats.  Both teams aim to end their regular season with a win going out on a positive note.

This will be the latter of a 2 game series between these two hardnosed teams in the 2018 regular season with DCD winning the first bout by 2 touch downs.  On one side of the ball Music City is known as their slogan suggest “Don’t Stop Don’t Quit”  and on the other side Derby City’s motto for 2018 is to #EARNIT.  It was brought to our attention by another team that #Earnit can be taken either one or two ways…  It can either mean that DCD is willing to put in that work to #EARN their way into the Championship or it could mean that in order to beat DCD you will have to #EARN every point you get.  Nothing will be handed to  you!

This will be a game that you will NOT want to miss.  DCD is hungry for another win to solidify their playoff seed this weekend so that they can continue their best season ever.  This will also be MCM’s only opportunity to snatch the playoff seed away from DCD and get into the play offs.  Who will it be? DCD or MCM, both teams have something to prove this weekend, It will come down to who wants it more!  This game is also dedicated to #1 LaEssence Houston Buckner who was injured last weekend vs the Phoenix and deemed Youth night.  Any youth that attends the game and wears a jersey gets in for free! We hope to see you there!







Minnesota Vixen (7-0, 3-0 Division 2) v Kansas City Titans (6-1, 2-0 Division 1)

Game date: June 9, 2018 at Truman High School, Independence, MO

Kickoff: 7 p.m. Central Time


The Kansas City Titans (6-1, 2-0 Division 1) are all that stand in the way of an 8-0 regular season for the Minnesota Vixen (7-0, 3-0 Division 2). Both teams are preparing for a fight to the finish in Saturday’s Women’s Football Alliance contest, with the Titans hoping to avenge a loss on the road to the Vixen in April.

“The Titans certainly live up to their name,” said wide receivers coach Jake Potter. “But they haven’t forgotten us and what we can do. We need to respect them and do what we do best.”

A victory would give Minnesota their second perfect regular season since Head Coach Laura Brown and her husband James became team owners. It would also preserve home-field advantage for the Vixen in the playoffs.

Vixen running backs Grace Cooper and Jeanette “Tank” Nelson will look to use their dynamic blend of power and speed to keep the offense rolling. Minnesota put up nearly 600 yards of total offense in the June 2 game against the Wisconsin Dragons, with 163 yards through the air from Kiersten Hansen to five different targets, including wide receiver standouts Sam Barber and rookie Rae Uhrich.

Minnesota’s defense is ranked at the top of Division 2, having shut out three different opponents thus far. The Titans defense is holding teams to an average of 8.9 points per game, and their offense is averaging 45.7 points and 307 yards per game going into this weekend.

The Vixen will post live updates on Twitter during their away games, and for the fourth year in a row Town Square Television will broadcast home games live on local cable access channels and streaming online.

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Twitter: @MinnVixen (live updates during all games)
Live stream and replay of home games: Town Square Television