Week 9 Preview: Knoxville Lightning (1-4) v Huntsville Tigers (0-5)

June 2, 2018 – 5:00pm CST– Discovery Middle School – 1304 Hughes Rd Madison, AL
By: AnneMarie Snyder

Head Coach Tim Beasley stated, “The past few weeks have not been kind to us after our win against the Carolina Phoenix. We have lost a few key players to the injury bug and after a tough game against the Columbus Vanguard last weekend, we are facing a fresh and rested Huntsville Tigers who are seeking their first win of the season.” He added, “Hopefully some of our inexperienced players will step up and fill the roles of the players that we lost.”

Redd Marsh, Veteran Wide Receiver and Corner said that she is looking forward to good competition this Saturday against the Huntsville Tigers. “Our defense must contain the ball! We have to stay focused on both ends of the ball” Redd added, “We are coming for the WIN this weekend!”

Tammy Crooks, Rookie Running Back stated, “It’s been a tough building season for us. Having so many rookies this year, we’re still working on some fundamentals. My hope for this week is to just keep learning and making progress.” Tammy stated that she is very proud that the team always finished hard despite what the score says. She added, “We have earned the respect of other teams and officials. To me, that says a lot more about who we are.”

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