The Women’s Football Alliance (WFA) is thrilled to announce the official schedule for its 2024 season, promising an exhilarating journey for fans of women’s tackle football worldwide. Commencing on April 27th, the best women’s teams in the nation will showcase their talents in a battle for supremacy, culminating in the highly anticipated National Championship at the prestigious Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton, Ohio.

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The 2024 season promises to be a spectacle of athleticism, passion, and fierce competition as teams vie for the coveted title of the world’s best. From seasoned veterans to rising stars, the WFA is proud to host a league that champions the talents and determination of female athletes in the realm of tackle football.

“We are incredibly excited to unveil the schedule for the 2024 Women’s Football Alliance season,” said Lisa King, Commissioner of the WFA. “This year’s lineup promises to deliver thrilling matchups and unforgettable moments as the top teams in women’s tackle football compete for glory.”

The journey to the National Championship will be broadcasted for fans worldwide to witness. The pinnacle of the season will take place on July 26th and 27th at the esteemed Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton, Ohio. Fans can catch all the action live on ESPN2 and the Women’s Sports Network, ensuring that the excitement of women’s football reaches audiences far and wide.