The Women’s Football Alliance announces increase in awards for 2018!
By WFA Staff

The Women’s Football Alliance (WFA) is pleased to announce that they will be increasing awards for the 2018 season.  From its inception, the WFA has been the only women’s league to reward success in the form of Championship rings, travel money, hotels, uniforms, and All-American Jerseys. For 2018 those awards include more than $20,000 in travel money to Championship Teams (Divisions 1, 2 and 3), an amount which has doubled in the past two years.  In addition, the league has expanded its awards by providing rings to both Division 1 and 2 champions.

The WFA also remains the only league to provide free personalized All-American Jerseys to players competing in the All-American game as well as a custom set of uniforms for Division I Champions.  In total, rewards for teams and players is more than $45,000 per year.

“The WFA model has always been to reward success in order to continue to increase the level of competition each year and attract the best athletes,” stated Lisa King, WFA Commissioner.  “If you win the National Championship or are selected as a First Team All-American, you shouldn’t have to buy your own award.   We started the WFA based on this principle alone.   We will continue to reinvest league money back in the teams and players while at the same time using additional resources for a professional production to showcase our most competitive games on ESPN3. We are diligently working with our media director and production team to increase this exposure with the goal of securing a network deal in the near future which will benefit all teams and players in the league.”

This model has shown to be successful. The WFA has tripled the number of teams in the league since they began in 2009, making it the largest women’s football league in history, and home to 42 of the 45 US National Team players.