The WFA is pleased to announce that WFA International has partnered with the European Women’s Football Organization (EWFO) to promote and develop female American Football players in Europe. Led by Bart Iaccarino, Director of the European Warriors Football Elite International Travel Team, the EWFO mission is to create an Elite Women’s European All-Star team to compete in WFA International Events. The first of these events will be a tournament in Mexico City, Mexico September of 2022, along with WFA Team United and LIFFAE Championship teams. In February of 2023 they have been invited to play in Colombia, followed by the International Bowl July of 2023, in Canton, Ohio at the Tom Benson NFL Hall of Fame Stadium.

Bart Iaccarino has also been named WFA Director of Europe, as well as, the POC for European players interested in joining the organization to play American Football around the World. The European Women’s Football Organization is an independent association formed by players, former players, coaches, sports marketing, and communication professionals.  Staff include well-known European Flag-Football Champion Monica Rafecas, as well as long-time Italian player, Carlotta Vallecoccia. Their mission is to develop a platform for the promotion of elite players and coaches and bring together the best talent in the European American Football leagues to compete at the highest international level.  “It is an honor for me to work with the WFA and help the growth of women’s football in Europe,” stated Mr. Iaccarino. “My staff and I are already working hard to create something special for European Women’s Football.”

“We are excited for this incredible partnership which will continue to not only increase the level of competition internationally, but also be another step towards unifying women’s football throughout the world,” stated Jeff King, WFA International Director, “We are all working for the same goal and developing relationships and sharing resources are the keys to this success.”

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About Bart Iaccarino:

WFA International Partners with the European Women’s Football Organization

Bart Iaccarino is the CEO and General Manager of the Barcelona Dragons, the only professional Spanish football franchise competing in the European League of Football. During his long career, Mr. Iaccarino has built multiple female football events in Rome and Reus. He was selected and coached the Europe Warriors Women’s Team which competed against the Mexican national team in 2019.