WFA International

WFA International

The Women’s Football Alliance is pleased to announce they are expanding internationally in order to provide support for the growth of women’s tackle football throughout the world. As women’s tackle football continues to grow internationally, the WFA is committed to helping develop the sport and increase the level of competition worldwide. By creating a unified network for communication and outreach, the WFA International Program will provide teams and leagues with the following opportunities:

  • Unified International Page: International teams and leagues will have their own page where Teams will be promoted and ranked on the WFA website (8000 per month views).  In addition, teams/league who join will have the opportunity to be matched for International Championships, Bowl Games, and other international competition.
  • WFA International Camp/Competition:  Leagues will have the opportunity to host a camp in their home country where top WFA players will volunteer as coaches at their positions.  Camp for women, coached by women. Camp will be followed by a friendly International Game, Team United(WFA Travel team) vs. League All-Stars. 
  • Participation in the WFA Championship Week : Opportunity for players to compete in International Bowl at Hall of Fame Village, Canton OH. Championship Weekend will also include a football camp for players, coaches and front office personnel training.
  • Player Exchange Program: Creation of a data base matching players interested in playing internationally during their offseason with teams offering assistance for international players to compete during their season.
  • WFA Partnerships:  WFA International Teams will have the opportunity to take advantage of the discounts and promotions offered by WFA official partners.  WFA teams are provided the best prices on Football Equipment, Uniforms, and training and recovery items for football anywhere.
  • Women’s Football Coaches Alliance (WFCA): WFA International Team coaches will have WFCA membership where they can have access to training material, and network with other WFA Coaches in order to provide the best training for their players.
  • Team World: International travel team consisting of players from across the globe as well as WFA players who have had citizenship in countries other than the US.  The goal of Team World is to provide international players the following opportunities:
    • International competition against Team United in different host countries
    • Participate as player coaches in WFA International Clinics in countries developing women’s tackle football.
    • Compete in the WFA International Bowl at the Hall of Fame Village in Canton OH during Championship Weekend.
    • Player Exchange owners/coaches from WFA teams looking for international players and show their skills on the gridiron during the WFA International Bow
    • Players (citizens in any country other than the US) who are interested in joining Team World can sign up here.
  • WFA INTERNATIONAL SISTER ALLIANCE: Partnership with WFA Teams and developing International Teams. WFA Sister Teams will mentor players and coaches of their international sister team as well as donate much needed equipment to these programs.  In addition, WFA sister teams are encouraged to host or travel to their sister team program to provide camps and clinics and/or friendly games.

Participating Countries

WFA International Committee

  • WFA International Division Director of Football Operations & Program Coach: Jeff King. Email
  • WFA International Division Director of Netherlands & POC for Europe: Kanessa Muluneh. Email:
  • WFA International Division Director of Social Media and Marketing & Program Coach: Derek Smith. Email:
  • WFA International Division Director of Player Personnel, Coaching & Program Coach: Rob Sandlin. Email:
  • WFA International Division Director of Colombia & POC for South America: Adolfo Jose Cardenas Araica. Email:
  • WFA International Division Director of Ecuador: David Tenorio. Email:
  • WFA International Division Director of Costa Rica & POC for Central America: Charlie Avila. Email:
  • WFA International Division Director of Egypt & POC for Africa: Ahmed Zakaria. Email:
  • WFA International Division Director of Poland: Makis Kyrkos. Email: