The Women’s Football Alliance (WFA) proudly announces that the prestigious National Championship Trophies will henceforth be named after the late NFL legend and Hall of Famer, Franco Harris. Franco, who passed away in December of 2022, held an unwavering dedication to women’s football and served as its most ardent supporter for decades.

Franco Harris, renowned for his illustrious Hall of Fame career with the Pittsburgh Steelers, left an indelible mark on the sport of football. Not only was he a true legend on the field, but he also displayed a profound passion for advancing women’s football and empowering female athletes. His unwavering commitment and tireless efforts were instrumental in securing the first Women’s Football National Championship to be played an NFL Stadium, the illustrious Heinz Field.

Franco Harris was a humble and gentle giant, known for his huge heart and love for women’s football. He believed in the power of the sport to empower and inspire women and was committed to giving back to the community.

The Women’s Football Alliance is forever indebted to Franco Harris for his invaluable contributions to the growth and development of women’s football. By naming the National Championship Trophies after him, the WFA seeks to memorialize his enduring legacy and honor his unwavering support for the sport.

The Franco Harris National Championship Trophies will serve as a symbol of excellence, dedication, and the unbreakable spirit of women athletes competing in the WFA. Every year, as teams vie for victory on the gridiron, they will do so in the shadow of Franco’s name, embodying the qualities that he exemplified throughout his life and career.

The WFA would like to extend its deepest gratitude to the Harris family for allowing Franco’s name to be associated with this prestigious honor. Their support and encouragement have been invaluable in perpetuating his lasting impact on the women’s football community.

The WFA’s highly anticipated National Championship, set to take place on July 21 and 22, will be held at the revered Pro Football Hall of Fame. This historic event will serve as the perfect backdrop to honor the late NFL legend and Hall of Famer, Franco Harris, as the first recipients of the Franco Harris National Championship Trophies are crowned.