[Austin, TX] – In a groundbreaking moment for the Women’s Football Alliance (WFA), Tasha Lemke, a seasoned player with 10 seasons under her belt, was featured in an AT&T commercial during the College Football National Championship Game. The commercial highlights advanced helmet technology designed to enhance safety for deaf football players.

Tasha Lemke has been an influential figure in the WFA, having played for the Columbus Comets and DC Divas before calling the Austin Outlaws home for the past 5 seasons. In 2021, she achieved a remarkable feat by earning a spot on the WFA All American 1st team roster, becoming the first deaf female football player to do so. She also represents the WFA as a member of Team United competing in several international events.

As a seasoned athlete in the league, Tasha is now focused on passing on her knowledge to the next generation of players. She actively promotes within the deaf community, playing a crucial role in recruiting new talent and fostering support among fans, both at home and on the road.

The AT&T commercial showcases the importance of innovation in sports equipment, specifically addressing the needs of deaf football players. Tasha Lemke’s involvement underscores the commitment to inclusivity within the WFA and highlights the strides being made to make football more accessible for all.

Tasha Lemke’s journey has not only broken barriers within the sport but also serves as an inspiration to aspiring deaf athletes across the country. Her dedication to the game, coupled with her advocacy within the deaf community, reflects the spirit of determination and inclusivity that the Women’s Football Alliance embodies.