The Women’s Football Alliance is pleased to announce the WFA Pro Football National Championship MVP, Chante Bonds’ (Boston Renegades) jersey along with the National Championship Game ball has been added to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. These items are now featured in the recently announced exhibit of the Pro Football Hall of Fame titled “Women’s Impact on the Game.”

Chante Bonds received this honor for her performance leading the Boston Renegades to their fourth straight WFA Pro National Championship Title with 165 total yards and 2 Touchdowns.  She joins fellow Renegades teammate Allison Cahill whose jersey is also displayed for her 2021 WFA Pro National Championship MVP honors, in addition, to her 7 National Titles. The exhibit also features artifacts of 4 WFA former players: Callie Brownson, Lori Locust, Jen Welter, and Katie Sowers who all became full time coaches in the NFL.

“Having another WFA player recognized by the Pro Football Hall of Fame is an incredible honor,” stated Lisa King, Commissioner of the WFA. “We are grateful to the Pro Football Hall of Fame for not only this honor, but for also recognizing the many women’s coaches, officials, and now players who have created this path for the next generation and are deserving of their place in football history.”

Chante Bonds' WFA Pro MVP Jersey and Game Ball displayed at Pro Football Hall of Fame