Name: Earnest Dukes III
Position:  Head Coach
Contact for Media Inquiry

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Birthplace: Little Rock Arkansas
College: University of Arkansas Pine Bluff one semester, Left there and joined the US Army
Experience: 34 years of football experience, 6 years Coaching
High School: Hall High School
Profession: Ophthalmology Tech for 9 years at the VA Hospital. US Army Medic for 12 years.
Favorite Sports team: Do not have a favorite team. I have favorite players
Hobbies: Spending time with my family and church. Drawing, Fishing, Training, Bowling
Passions: GOD and my faith. Working on become a better Man through God’s word.
Others sports played: Basketball, Baseball, Soccer and Track
How/why you got into football: Told my dad at the age of 6 I wanted to play, and it went from there.
Family: Wife Brandy Dukes. Kids: Son Earnest Dukes IV and Twin daughters Sierra and Savannah
Pets: Dog, Rocket

Two Truths and a LIE:
—  Tried out for an NFL team
—  Worked in a Hog Slaughter house
—  Was a Bodybuilder


Brief Bio:
I played football, basketball, baseball, track and soccer in high school and received an All-American award for linebacker in high school. After high school, I attended UAPB in Pine bluff for a brief time and then joined the US Army. I played Semi Pro football all 12 years while in the Army and another four years after discharging from the Army and while working for the VA Hospital.  When I got hurt playing football, I started coaching the Arkansas Wildcats.

My family is my rock. Always keeping GOD first. My wife Brandy always supports me and keeps me humble in GOD’s word. Thanking God every day for my kids: Son Earnest and twin daughters Sierra and Savannah.

I love drawing, bowling, and coaching.  My passion is to become a better man through God. I’m always willing to help someone to become better in life.

I got into football when I was 6 because my Dad told me I had to much aggression, so he dropped me off at a youth football camp and I have loved football ever since.  Football, to me, is the ultimate team sport. Bringing 11 players together working as one unit. Seeing the beauty in the plays you design and when they are executed to perfection the team becomes unstoppable.

I hope one day that women’s football become as big as the NFL and the WNBA and hope one day I will be coaching a team.  Wishing to bring another Championship back to Arkansas.