Name: Laura Brown
Nickname: LB
Position:  Head Coach
Contact for Media Inquiry

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Age: 45
Birthday & Location Born: December 7, Robbinsdale, MN
College: University of Minnesota
Experience (seasons playing and/or coaching football): 5 years playing, 2 seasons coaching
High School: Robbinsdale Cooper High School
Other Profession/Occupation and how many years there?: Clinical Pharmacist specializing in Emergency Room care for last 5 years.
Favorite Sports Teams: Lynx and Vikings
Hobbies: Reading, Football
College Sports: none
Other Sports played: Soccer- playing and coaching
How/why you got into football: Love of the sport.
Family (kids, stepkids, parents, partners, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife , etc.): Husband James- Wonderful and helps run the Vixen. Son – Ramine
Pets: Dog- named Bella

Two Truths & a LIE!
— I have never lived outside of Minnesota.
— I played hockey growing up
— I have traveled all over the world including Europe and Africa.

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Brief Bio:
In her first year as Head Coach, Coach Brown is excited with all the potential the Vixen have shown.

Growing up, she was an all-around athlete from a young age who always had a love for football. Coach Brown played for the Vixen for 5 years primarily at defensive end but also as a tight end and on the offensive line as a tackle. With a strong background in teaching and training, Coach Brown uses those skills to coach as well. Previously, she has coached soccer and youth boys football along with being involved in all Vixen operations for the last four seasons.

The Vixen have a long and storied history that she is interested in honoring while continuing to grow the team, acknowledging the bright future ahead. With the right coaches, training and motivation, Coach Brown believes there is nothing the Vixen cannot accomplish together. Her focus is always on team first.

“We play for the logo on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back” Coach Brown said.