Name: Suzanne Linn
Nickname: Q
Position: LB/TE
Contact for Media Inquiry
WFA Spotlight: Suzanne Linn, LB/TE, L.A. WarriorsHeight: 5’9”
Weight: 195
Age: 37
Birthday: 5/23/80
Birthplace: Anaheim, CA
College: UCLA
Experience: 10 years
High School: Trabuco Hills High School, Mission Viejo, CA
Occupation: Veterinary Technician 18 years
Favorite Sports Teams: Denver Broncos
Hobbies: playing with my pups
Passions: Football
College Sports: Shot put and javelin at UCLAWFA Spotlight: Suzanne Linn, LB/TE, L.A. Warriors
How/why you got into football: greatest game out there why not!!
Family: Partner of 8 years Priscilla Gardner #1 RB
Pets: 3 dogs and 4 cats

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— I was the starting linebacker my senior year in high school on the boy’s football team.
— I’ve only held 1 job my entire life.
— I played on the boys lacrosse team in junior high and made the all star team.

WFA Spotlight: Suzanne Linn, LB/TE, L.A. WarriorsIN HER OWN WORDS:
As a kid, I was always that girl watching football with my Dad every Sunday and Monday. I would play street hockey with my brother and the neighborhood kids after school while my sister was inside playing with dolls and doing makeup.

Luckily for me at the age of 22 my parents saw an ad on the front page of the Orange CountyWFA Spotlight: Suzanne Linn, LB/TE, L.A. Warriors Register sports page about tryouts for a women’s football team in Orange County called the OC Breakers. My parents were the sole driving force to get me to go and tryout for the team and play football. Joining women’s football was one of the greatest decisions I’ve made and being a football player has helped me figure out who I am in life. My life in a nutshell is Christ, Family, Football…never knew I was missing that last piece of my trifecta until that 1st tryout.