WR Annabelle Chevrier
Nickname: Sucette / Anna
Contact for Media Inquiry
Team Canada - Annabelle Chevrier, Montreal Blitz

Years Playing: 5 years
Height: 5’5, Weight: 145lbs
Age: 21
Date Born: June 7th 1995
Location Born: Montreal
College: John Abbott College
High School: College Bourget
Favorite Sports Teams: NY Giants and Dallas Cowboys!!
Full-Time Profession: Will be starting school at the Canada Border Services Agency in September
Hobbies: all about football
Passions: Football and Training
Sports played in College?: Played flag football in college and also played national level. Also played soccer AAA
How you got into football: Saadia Asharf, was my coach at John abbott and she got me into it. Simple as that! She was the starting Qb at team Canada 4 years ago and also played with the Montreal Blitz.
Family: My dad is named Normand and my mom is Nathalie. I have a brother named Jeremie and a sister named
Camille. My Girlfriend is Laurence Thivierge and she will also be playing for Team Canada this year.

Two Truths & a LIE:
I broke my finger once by mistakenly sitting on it.
I broke my big toe in high school by dropping a maple syrup can on it. (only Canadians can relate 😉 )
Lastly, when I was younger, I used to tell people that I was allergic to dresses, skirts, pins and elastics. So I didn’t have to wear them.

In Her Own Words:
I am Annabelle Chevrier and I have been  #86 for the Montreal Blitz since 2012.

I come from a family of 5, my brother, sister and I have always been very competitive, especially against each other. We all played soccer and were fortunate to play at a high and competitive level. But somehow in high school, soccer was just not enough. I tried our for the Flag football team for a new challenge and a fresh start. My first year, I didn’t even make the team. I only made the second team because I was apparently “too small.” I felt defeated because all my friends made the first team — although I still got to improve and grow without any pressure on my first year.

But after that year of improving and growing, by my my second year I had made the starting line up!

We all have to start somewhere, right!? Now believe me, I do not take no for an answer.  Not making the team that year started a fire and a new passion to succeed and to be the best. Soon after, I went to college and tried for the college flag football team and that’s where I met Saadia Asharf.

At the time Saadia, was the coach (and still is) of the flag team and the Quarterback for the Montreal Blitz. She took a very big interest in my growing process and introduced me to tackle football. I wasn’t even aware that women’s tackle football existed at the elite level. I will always remember that day where I first heard Saadia say: “Hollywood has made a lot of sports movies, but mostly about football. And there is only one reason why: It’s the best sport in the world.”

To this day, she is still right.

I am also very proud to follow the footsteps of my older fellows and teammates, I had the chance to play and learn from the best during my first year and now I am building experience, confidence and growing my knowledge year after year. Here I am now, 5 years later, blessed and very honored to be representing my country and our colors this summer! Go Canada!