Week 1 had a few surprises for me!

  • It was way back in 2012 when the Detroit Dark Angels last defeated the Columbus Comets, 7-0 in their first ever matchup. It’s been all Comets in the two contests since then, but Detroit got the win last week 28-22 in a nailbiter!
  • While it isn’t unprecedented for a newly formed team to win its first contest, the Columbus Vanguards of Indiana shocked the nation by upending Flint City Riveters 45-0! The Riveters only narrowly missed the playoffs last season.
  • Despite their move from Division 2 to Division 3, I guess I just couldn’t see how different this Carolina Phoenix team is from the one that smashed the Jacksonville Dixie Blues 54-0 last season. But Jax done whooped Carolina 34-8.
  • The Kern County Crusaders defeated the Inland Empire Ravens in an 8-on-8 matchup that was later classified as an exhibition game. Although the outcome of the game will not count toward either team’s official record, I will honor the result as determined by play on the field in tallying my weekly picks. Even though I am taking an “L”.

I finished the week 1 at 17-7 (71%).

Week 2 is here now and the Savannah Hurricanez make their inaugural debut. I have to say it’s great that Savannah has a team once more after a few years of dormancy. I want to say good luck to the team, and especially to Angel Thon who has been a faithful follower of mine and just a great fan of the game.

A look across the league shows something of a rivalry week taking shape. We have Boston/DC, Toledo/Flint, Miami/Tampa Bay, Everett/Tacoma, and this, my featured matchup:


New York Sharks (D2) @ Philadelphia Phantomz (D2)
In the 2017 regular season, the Phantomz absolutely obliterated the Sharks 40-0, in Brooklyn no less. And they certainly looked be a contender for a conference title.  But in the first round of the playoffs, New York turned the tables on Philly, handing them a humiliating defeat at home, stopping their playoff run cold in the summer heat. I dare say a rivalry was born, and lucky for us, these two squads will square off at least twice this season. It’s been a long wait through the offseason for the Philadelphia Phantomz.  Today, they are itching to deliver to their fans a victory over the Sharks. I think they will get what they have been waiting for.

Did I mention that fans of the Savannah Hurricanez are called Storm Trackerz? Anyhoo, Here are my picks for the remaining games of WFA Week 2. My picks are underlined.

DC Divas (D1) @ Boston Renegades (D1)
Maine Mayhem (D3) @ Keystone Assault (D3)
Richmond Black Widows (D3) @ South Carolina Smash (D3)
Cleveland Fusion (D2) @ Grand Rapids Tidal Waves (D3)
Columbus Comets (D2) @ Columbus Vanguards (D3)
Toledo Reign (D3) @ Flint City Riveters (D3)
Atlanta Phoenix (D1) @ Alabama Fire (D3)
Carolina Phoenix (D3) @ Baltimore Nighthawks (D2)
Huntsville Tigers (D3) @ Music City Mizfits (D3)
Cincinnati Sizzle (D3) @ Detroit Dark Angels (D2)
Savannah Hurricanez (D3) @ Daytona Waverunners (D3)
Miami Fury (D2) @ Tampa Bay Inferno (D2)
Kansas City Titans (D1) @ Madison Blaze (D3)
Minnesota Vixen (D2) @ Wisconsin Dragons (D2)
Austin Outlaws (D3) @ Acadiana Zydeco (D3)
Portland Fighting Shockwave (D1) @ Capital City Rage (D2)
Everett Reign (D2) @ Tacoma Trauma (D2)
Utah Blitz (D3) @ Mile High Blaze (D2)
Sin City Trojans (D2) @ Los Angeles Warriors (D1)
Ventura Wolf Pack (D3) @ Kern County Crusaders (D3)
Inland Empire Ravens (D3) @ San Diego Rebellion (D2)
NY Knockout (D3) @ New England Nightmare (D3)
Iowa Crush (IWFL) @ Arkansas Wildcats (D3)