DB Callie Brownson
Nickname: CalBrown
Contact for Media Inquiry

Team USA - Callie Brownson, D.C. Divas Years Playing: 8
Height: 5’6, Weight: 155
Age: 27
Date Born: 10/15/1989
Location Born: Alexandria, VA
College: George Mason University
High School: Mount Vernon HS
Favorite Sports Teams — pro, college, high school, or even youth! J: Atlanta Falcons, All University of Miami teams
Profession/Occupation and how many years there?: Sport/Fitness Operations
Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, hiking, music, breweries/wineries
Passions: Sports, family, faith, self improvement
Sports played in College?  At what level?: Softball
How/why you got into football: I always loved football and once I had the opportunity to play, I jumped at it.
Pets: Harper (dog) Domino (cat)
Family: Father- Bruce, Mom- Nancy, Brother- Brad

In Her Own Words:
I was born and raised in Mount Vernon, Virginia by a single dad. He raised my brother and I by himself and provided an amazing life for both of us filled with support, love, and leadership.

I was always a competitive athlete, and was most successful as a softball player in high school (before I found football.)  I enjoyed playing football when I was 10, but the opportunity was not there for me as I grew up and went to middle school/high school.  I discovered the D.C. Divas when I came back to the area during my college years to coach high school softball.Team USA - Callie Brownson, D.C. Divas

I started playing football when I was 19 — not really sure what I wanted out of it or where it would take me.  I really took to the game in my second season and realized that football was going to do unimaginable things for my life. I started coaching high school football when I was 21, and with amazing support from the men on the staff, I became an integral part of the program.

In 2013, I traveled to Austin, Texas to tryout for the Women’s National Team. I made the team and traveled to Finland and won a Gold medal that July.  It was then that I looked back and realized the doors football had opened for me. I poured myself back into the Divas and we recently broke WFA history being the first back-to-back national champions.

I have been fortunate enough to spend almost my entire young adult life immersed in the game I love and, because of it, I have grown so much as a person and player. I hope that every woman, and all the young girls who dream of playing this sport, get as much out of the game as I have.