By Michael Burmy
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Exeter, CA — The Women’s Football Alliance is pleased to announce that the Colorado Freeze has officially signed on as a full member and will play in the WFA for the 2018 season.  Based in Denver, Colorado, the Freeze will compete in the Pacific Region and Mountain West Division as members of Division 3 for 2018.

The WFA is pleased to add another championship-caliber team in the Freeze and further solidify their Mountain West Region, cementing its status as a women’s football hotbed and providing more opportunities for leaguewide growth in 2018 and beyond.

“The Freeze have proven their ability to be a solid team by winning the IWFL’s Affiliate Bowl last season.  We welcome them and think they will be a great addition to the Mountain West Division,” said WFA Commissioner Lisa King.

Before making this switch to the WFA, the Freeze competed in the “Affiliates Division” of the Independent Women’s Football Alliance (IWFL.) Beginning in 2015, the team played competitively against some of the best teams in the Rockies and the Midwest regions, finishing with a 2-4 record that year, followed by a 2-6 record in 2016. Last season, despite facing a tough travel schedule, the Freeze had a breakout season, coming away with a 5-1 regular-season record, including wins against two of the team’s future WFA Division 3 Mountain West rivals in the process: A 37-0 home victory over the Santa Fe Dukes on May 6  and a triple-overtime 21-13 road thriller over La Muerte de Las Cruces on May 13.

The team’s crowning achievement came during the IWFL’s championship weekend on July 22, when the Freeze triumphed over the San Antonio Regulators, 27-6, to win the 2017 Founders’ Bowl and etch their place as the first women’s football team to win a league title representing the Mile High City!

In a At their best and seeking to get better, the Freeze are taking the next step forward by making the switch to the WFA for 2018.  Although the Freeze remain grateful to the IWFL for giving them the chance to play these three seasons and wish it the best in its future endeavors, the team is excited to be part of the world’s top women’s football league.

The Freeze ownership thanks its fellow WFA Denver team, the defending Division 2 Pacific Region Champion Mile High Blaze, for waiving the 50-mile halo, which permits the two teams to co-exist and compete in the same geographic region.  Both teams look forward to what is expected to be a powerful on-field rivalry for Denver supremacy!  In addition, the Freeze expect to renew their on-field feud with the WFA’s Rocky Mountain Thunderkatz, another team that also played in the IWFL.  The Freeze will pick-up where they left off against last season’s match-ups against the Dukes and La Muerte as well as launch brand-new battles against teams such as the Utah Blitz and Utah Wildkats.

The Freeze’s ultimate goal is the D3 National Championship and the team looks to be a strong challenger to the Southern Oregon Ladygades’ Pacific Region title and the Arkansas Wildcats’ national title.

The Freeze are the fourth team in women’s football history to call Denver home.  In addition to the Mile High Blaze, the city has also been home to the Women’s Professional Football League‘s Colorado Valkyries (2000) and United Women’s Football League’s Denver Foxes (2002).

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