By Michael Burmy
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Exeter, CA — The Women’s Football Alliance is pleased to announce that the Roswell Destroyers have officially signed on as a full member and will play in the WFA for the 2018 season.  Based in Roswell, New Mexico, the Destroyers will compete in the Pacific Region and Mountain West Division as members of Division 3 for 2018!

“The Destroyers have proved they are a competitive team, having won the New Mexico Adult Football League‘s championship,” said WFA Commissioner Lisa King.  “We expect them to make a solid run for the WFA Division 3 National Championship.”

Established in 2014, the Destroyers’ name is a reference to the alleged 1947 UFO crash near Roswell and its subsequent worldwide fame as the “Alien City.”  As a charter member of the eight-woman NMAFL’s women’s division, the Destroyers were by far the most dominant team in league history, finishing its two regular seasons with records of 8-0 and 5-1, respectively, which were the best record in the league.

Although the Destroyers were upset by the Amarillo Lady Punishers 22-14 in the 2015 playoffs (the championship of which was eventually won by current WFA D3 team the Santa Fe Dukes), they rebuilt and rebounded the next season, beating the Dukes 54-6 in the semifinals and then defeating a game Colorado Voodoo team 14-6 to win the NMAFL’s second and final Championship.  After the NMAFL folded, the Destroyers used the 2017 season to prepare itself for their entry into WFA competition for 2018.

The Destroyers are excited to be part of the world’s top women’s football league, and look forward to renewing their old in-state rivalry with the Dukes as well as starting a new one with another in-state success story: the La Muerte de Las Cruces.  The team also looks forward to starting new D3 Mountain West Division rivalries with teams such as the Rocky Mountain Thunderkatz, Colorado Freeze, Utah Blitz and Utah Wildkats.

The team’s goal is to outplay its opponents en route to adding a Division 3 National Championship trophy next to their NMAFL one and putting the Alien City on the world’s football map.  Similarly, the WFA is happy to have another championship football team in their league and to have their Mountain West region solidified once again for what promises to be an incredible 2018 season!

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